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  How even a pie can help a hurting person
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The Pitfalls of Endorsing Candidates

EFC President Bruce Clemenger reflects on the difference between calling for justice and remaining non-partisan. New on the blog.

Public Health Effects of Pornography

Online pornography is negatively influencing Canadian youth and contributing to rape culture and sexual violence against girls, according to a brief new EFC submission which recommends three ways for the government to respond.

News Roundup

Recorded EFC webinar: Freedom of other religions
Applause to churches on refugee sponsorship
Will medical professionals really be required to kill?
EFC supports Bill C-277 on palliative care

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→ Ministère auprès des enfants, Sherbrooke, Oct. 22
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→ Dalit Freedom Network 10th An., Brampton, Oct. 23
→ Dalit Freedom Network 10th Anniv., Surrey, Oct. 24

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