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All Kids Are Our Kids, Peter L. Benson (San Francisco: Josey-Bass Publishers, 1997). The writer challenges all segments of our communities to reclaim their capacity and responsibility for raising healthy, successful and caring children.

Children of Revival, Vann Lane (Brownsville, Florida: Revival Press, 1998). Based on recent revival experience in the Brownsville church, where Lane is children’s pastor.

Children’s Ministry That Works! The Basics and Beyond, Edited by Jolene L. Roehlkepartain, (Group Publishing Inc., 1991). ISBN 0931529697.

Faith Teaching and Faith Parenting, Steve Wamberg and John Conaway, (Cook Communications, 1999). The premise of these two books is that parents and teachers can grow faith children. Straightforward principles to parents and teachers so they can work together.

Growing up in Canada: A National Longitudinal Survey of Children and Youth, published by Human Resources Development Canada (Ottawa, 1996, Cat #89-550-MPE, no. 1). A national survey of the health and social development of children and youth that identifies positive and negative influencing factors, current trends and projected outcomes.

Is it a Lost Cause? Having the Heart of God for the Church’s Children, Marva J. Dawn (Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans Publishing, 1997). What are we doing in our churches to deliberately pass on our faith to our children? Not just about children’s ministry, but about a pastoral heart, a parent’s heart, a worship heart. Explores some of the forces in our culture that harm our children’s spiritual development and suggests biblically centred parenting and mentoring habits that are necessary for producing faith-full children.

Joining Children on the Spiritual Journey: Nurturing a Life of Faith, Catherine Stonehouse (Grand Rapids, MI: BridgePoint Books, a division of Baker Book House Company, 1998). This book explores how the spiritual life of a child develops and how caring parents and teachers can enhance this development.

Our Promise to Children, edited by Kathleen A. Guy (Ottawa: Canadian Institute of Child Health, Health Canada, 1997). A Canadian look at how children develop as well as what affects their development, complete with suggested actions to help improve their future.

The Dirt on Learning, Thom and Joani Shultz (Group Publishing Inc., 1999). ISBN 0764420887.

The Life Steps Plan. A plan to help children’s ministry coordinators plan to balance the spiritual diet their children get. Developed by the Canadian Mennonite Brethren Conference. Contact Sharon Johnson for more info. Tel: 519-579-5824; E-Mail: sjohnson@mbconf.ca.

The Moral Intelligence of Children, Robert Coles (New York: Random House, 1997). This book looks at how character develops in children, how their moral imagination grows at different moments in their lives and how we might help shape a child’s moral intelligence.


Family Blueprint
This resource based site offers family devotionals and kid focused ministry based lessons for both families and churches to use.

Bible Picture Website
This British based site is a wonderful resource for children focused ministries and leaders. Available are cd's, dvd's, powerpoint presentations and illustrations to capture the imagination and attention of every child.

Child Evangelism Fellowship
The international site for CEF has links to the Canadian and provincial offices and offers a variety of children’s resources and a "Kidz Page" for children.

Children’s Ministry.Com Magazine, Group Publishing
Children’s Ministry magazine is a must for anyone working with children. The web site is full of useful information, including lesson ideas, ministry strategies, plenty of links to current articles and a message board for sharing ideas and comments. Access to archived issues is available on a subscription basis.

Children's Spirituality Website

For Kids Only

Kidology Inc.
Offers training, creative teaching resources and other "child-centred" resources.

Willow Creek’s Promiseland Program
Details this American megachurch’s popular children’s program. 


Shelley Campagnola, hbcamp@look.ca, 519-570-2489

As chair of the Children's Ministry Forum, Shelley has opportunity to hear and be connected to the heartbeat of Children's Ministry in Canada. With a compelling vision, years of ministry experience, and contagious enthusiasm, Shelley can come alongside your ministry to help you ignite a church-wide vision for children and help your ministry develop and implement effective strategies that will release children to full participation in the body of Christ.

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