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Bruce J. Clemenger,
President of The EFC;

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NEW NOVEMBER 2014: “Quality Fostering Matters” video, free and downloadable for your next Sunday sermon.

Hear from: Bruce J. Clemenger, Suzanne Geoffrion, Dean Allision MP & founding board member of the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, Randy Hillier MPP, Scott Reid, MP.



In the News: Hear from the Governor General of Canada, David Johnston about the need of compassionate individuals and communities to respond.

Also see, the AdoptionSunday endorsement by adoptive father MP John McKay.


More Free Downloadable Videos


This year, you can make children and youth your top priority: first UP, getting the children home


November is National Adoption Awareness month


“All I wanted for Christmas, wasn’t a teddy bear, a hockey stick or an MP3 player. I wanted what most kids live everyday. I wanted it so bad my heart stung just thinking about it. I wanted a mom and dad and a loving place to call ‘home’.”  - Anonymous*


 “You and your community can become a part of a deepening national movement all across Canada that is adoptive.” - Bruce J. Clemenger, Co-Founder Adoption; President of The EFC


“Respecting a child’s heritage, journey and right to privacy, it can be as simple as connecting to your local agency’s care campaigns for kids or applying to become an adoptive or fostering family" - Joanne Crate, Children’s Welfare Case Manager


“Powerful, empowering… what a practical transformation tool for us all to connect and engage in new ways with families in crisis and with children and youth in care,” -  Pastor Garry James



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Can you imagine what WE can become if we thought about life from a child’s lens?

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