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  The presence of grace and the Bosmas’ ordeal
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What's New
Assisted-Dying Law: Understanding, Responding

By legalizing assisted suicide and euthanasia in some cases, Canada has crossed a significant threshold. Read our nine-page PDF (June 22) summarizing the new law and issues of concern going forward. Read more.

Palliative Care

The EFC recently released a statement with Catholics, Jews and Muslims calling for a robust, well-resourced national strategy.

News Roundup

EFC webinar on youth and church from June 16
Doctors seek judicial review on forced referrals
Are missions important at your church?
→ “Most important religious freedom case”

On the Calendar
→ Earlybird deadline, Evangelism Congress, June 29
→ John C. Maxwell Breakfast, Toronto, July 6
→ Mennonite Breth. Gathering, Mississauga, July 6-10
→ RZIM Summer School, Langley, July 10-15

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