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  How is God at work in Vancouver?
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What's New
How to Help the Suffering: EFC Webinar

Register now for a free, practical webinar on Sept. 28 to explore how we can help those who are chronically ill or hurting in another way. Special guests: Doug Koop, a Manitoba spiritual health practitioner, and David Guretzki of Briercrest College & Seminary in Saskatchewan.

Thanks to Government on Garratt Release

The EFC wrote Sept. 20 to the federal government to commend it for persistence in securing freedom for Kevin Garratt, detained in China since 2014, and for defending the core Canadian principle of freedom of religion.

News Roundup

Will medical professionals really be required to kill?
Sample letter on Ont. healthcare conscience rights
EFC supports Bill C-277 on palliative care
Assisted-dying law: ongoing concerns
EFC webinar on youth and church from June 16

On the Calendar
→ Day of Prayer for Trafficking Victims, Sept. 25
→ Cdn Evangelism Congress, Niagara Falls, Sept.26-7
→ Prophecy Conf., Winnipeg, Sept. 29-Oct. 1
→ Vocation & Culture Shaping, Calgary, Sept.30-Oct.1

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