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February 4, 2011

Egyptian Church Calls for Global Urgent Prayer

UPDATE: EGYPT REPORT: Religious Liberty Commission Releases an Update to its 2009 Report on Religious Freedom in Egypt

SOURCE: (Globe and Mail, New York Times, Christianity Today, World Evangelical Alliance)

After eight days of mostly peaceful demonstrations where anti-government protesters demanded the immediate resignation of President Honsi Mubarak, peace was shattered Wednesday by a wave of pro-Mubarak supporters.  Rushing the protestors on camels and horses, they charged the crowd leaving 5 people dead and more than 600 injured.

Christians in Egypt are unsure exactly how to pray. While they are excited about the potential for change in government leadership, they are wary of who the new regime may be, and who or what will be their main influence.  Attempts by the largest political opposition group in Egypt, The Muslim Brotherhood, to position itself in a place of power with the incoming regime, is raising concerns for the already persecuted Christian minority. Christians could face more intense persecution than the ‘second-class’ citizenship reality they have come to know.

The Evangelical Fellowship of Egypt recently confirmed that the church in Egypt is in “united prayer for the country and called on the church globally to pray with them.” They remain confident that God is indeed in control, and are asking that the Global church urgently to

  • Pray for wisdom for all leaders in Egypt – both the current government, and for the future leadership of the country. Pray that religious freedom for all minorities in Egypt be a marker of the new government.
  • Pray for the safety of the young people in Tahrir Square – some are Christians, some are Muslim. The Christians believe strongly that both are united in their common concern for the welfare of the nation.
  • Pray for peaceful change, and positive outcomes for the country as a whole, with positive impact on the region as a whole.

UPDATE: EGYPT REPORT: Religious Liberty Commission Releases an Update to the 2009 Egypt Report on Religious Liberty

Following the report on religious freedom in Egypt released in June of 2009 entitled Religious Freedom in Egypt: The Case of the Christian Minority an update is now available and can be found here. This update details the acts of collective retribution, violence prompted simply by Christians engaging in their religious rites, targeting of churches, and premeditated murder on the basis of religious identity that has occurred in Egypt since the 2009 report was published.  The update provides clear evidence that Christians in Egypt continue to suffer human rights abuses for their religious beliefs. 

This is a timely document, considering the potential influence governments such as Canada could have regarding religious liberty with the current and future Egyptian leadership.

The June 2009 report with update is available on the EFC website here.

The update alone is available here.   

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