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Prostitution Appeal

A court challenge has brought us to the brink of the legalization of prostitution. It’s time for our voices to be heard.
It is time for Canada’s moral compass to be recalibrated.

February, 2011

Dear Friend,

Did you know that the act of prostitution itself is not illegal in Canada?

Activities like keeping a common bawdy house, living off the avails of prostitution and communicating for the purposes of prostitution, are all illegal. But the act of paying for sex is not.

I believe that should change. Do you agree?

Recently, a significant assault on Canada’s current laws occurred when Ontario’s prostitution laws were invalidated by an Ontario judge. In September 2010, Ontario Superior Court Justice Susan Himel struck down Canada’s existing Criminal Code provisions relating to prostitution.

The ruling has been appealed but Canada’s largest province is on the precipice of having no laws restricting prostitution, giving ground to those seeking the legalization of Canada’s sex trade.

It’s time for our voices to be heard. It is time for Canada’s moral compass to be recalibrated.

For the sake of our families and communities, it’s crucial that we join together in opposition to the legalization of this inhuman practice that victimizes mostly women and children – both on the street and at home – while men pay for “service.”

We believe it’s time for Parliament to seek a better way going forward. One that recognizes prostitution for what it is, a form of often violent sexual exploitation of women and children. We need the way forward to communicate clearly that Canadians will no longer tolerate the exploitation of some for the gratification of others.

I ask you to stand with us in this cause and prayerfully consider a donation today. Your gift will help propel the EFC’s efforts to secure laws that reject the commodification of sexual intimacy. People are not products that can be bought and sold!

Legalizing the sex trade in Canada will have horrifying consequences. The New Testament tells us that desires of this nature give birth to sin and that sin gives birth to spiritual death (James 1:15).

We refuse to let prostitution rob Canadians of our God-given dignity.

God intended sex to be a sacred act between a man and a woman in a committed marriage. The commercialization of sex distorts, debases and defi les God’s intentions. Through prostitution people, primarily women, young girls and young boys become objects whose sole value lies in the satisfaction of men’s desires.

The EFC has proposed that the act of buying sex be criminalized.

Canada’s current prostitution laws, while outlawing communication for the purpose of prostitution,are inadequate. The EFC believes Canada’s government must consider adopting sex laws similar to those in Sweden, where it is illegal to pay for sex. As a result of their laws, Sweden’s prostitution numbers are dramatically lower than Canada’s and the traffi cking of women and children in their nation has been reduced sharply.

The purchase and sale of human beings must come to an end.

Criminalizing the act of buying sex curbs prostitution and human trafficking for sexual purposes. At the same time, the vulnerable individuals who are used, abused and trapped in the lifestyle are not prosecuted but given the opportunity to build a new life.

The EFC favours the approach supported by evangelicals in Europe and is convinced it will work in Canada. And we need your committed participation in support of sound standards and the fundamental dignity of human life.

Please stand with us today as we defend the dignity and sanctity of life in its fullest form, as God intended it. Your support will allow us to meet the considerable expenses associated with our efforts. The EFC works diligently to see righteousness and justice prevail at a considerable cost. Your prayers and support are vital.

May the Lord bless you and keep you,

Bruce Clemenger
The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada

P.S. We need to hear from you! Please stand with us in this moral cause and respond with your gift today.

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