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Roxanne's Law - Stand Up Against Coerced Abortion

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Canadians for Roxanne’s Law (Bill C-510)

The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada is providing a means, in addition to petitions and sample letters, by which you can communicate to your Member of Parliament and to all Canadians that you support Roxanne’s Law.

A number of women have already gathered, either at a recent EFC event in Toronto or at the EFC’s Centre for Faith and Public Life in Ottawa, to state their support on video for Roxanne’s Law. You can watch those videos on this website.

The EFC invites you to prepare your own video and submit it to us. You can then email a link to your video and a personal letter to your MP stating your support for Roxanne’s Law. The EFC will circulate the videos that support passing this bill. One voice can effect change, but we are stronger when we speak and stand together.


For uniformity, we encourage you to follow these guidelines:

1.  Using an iPhone, a video camera or any other video-capturing device record yourself sharing the following:

  Script for Women

 Script for Men

  My name is: (first name only)

  I'm a:  (personal fact or descriptor)

  I'm a Canadian woman.

  And I support Roxanne's Law.

  My name is: (first name only)

  I'm a:  (personal fact or descriptor)

  I care about Canadian women.

  And I support Roxanne's Law.


Examples of ‘personal facts or descriptors’ for women: Choose something that makes you unique, relatable – something that you want to share. For example:

  • Family position (mother, daughter, sister, mother, grandmother, etc.)
  • Position or role (lawyer, teacher, nurse, home-maker, student, assistant, artist, etc.)
  • Or anything else that you might find appropriate.

Examples of ‘personal facts or descriptors’ for men: Choose comparable descriptors or choose a fact that relates to your care for women, such as being a father, brother or uncle.

2.  Shoot the video in any type of format, whether it is similar to the videos we developed that are “talking heads” or something else entirely. Consider an interesting background, location or setting.

3.  Speak clearly and slowly.

4.  Load the video onto YouTube and send an email to with a hyperlink to the video notifying us that it is there. All videos in support of Roxanne’s Law, unless they include inappropriate content, will be loaded onto an EFC YouTube Playlist which will play on a loop on the EFC website.  The deadline for submissions is December 9th at midnight as the second hour of debate takes place in the House of Commons on December 13th, 2010 and the vote takes place on December 15th, 2010.

5.  Send an email and link to your MP or other members of Parliament such as the Prime Minister and/or leaders of the various parties. Post your video on Facebook or any other social media network in order to raise awareness of this is very important bill.

Video Introduction by Faye Sonier

Sample Videos

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