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Is pornography a public health issue?
Recorded Nov. 23, 2016 at noon Eastern time

What is the price of the widespread use of pornography to our society – more accessible, graphic and more violent than it ever has been? What can our churches do?

Featured experts:

  • Julia Beazley, EFC Director, Public Policy
  • Glendyne Gerrard, Director of Defend Dignity

Related news and links:

  • We’ve created an EFC videoclip and blog post you can share with your church and your friends to raise these important issues more widely. The video and blog offer quick summaries of the issues and point to TheEFC.ca/PornographyResources.
  • Those interested in going deeper can read the EFC's September 2016 submission to the Standing Committee on the Status of Women. This four-page submission, “Internet Pornography and Violence Against Young Women and Girls in Canada,” argues that online porn fuels sexual exploitation and contributes to sexual violence against girls and young women. The submission asks Parliament to study the public health effects of internet porn and to consider age verification for porn sites, as is being considered in the U.K. 
  • See our previous EFC webinar on The Problem of Pornography (May 2016)
  • A vote is expected before the Christmas break on MP Arnold Viersen’s motion M-47, which calls on the  parliamentary health committee to study the public health effects of easily accessible, violent and degrading sexually explicit material online. (See a sample letter in support of this motion at TheEFC.ca/M47.)
  • The EFC joined with Defend Dignity to host events and meetings on Parliament Hill in November. These events educated MPs, Senators and other Ottawa residents about pornography’s impact on sexual, emotional, psychological and relational health. The guest speaker was Cordelia Anderson, founder of the US National Coalition to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse & Exploitation.

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