Ministry partnerships

Learn about the EFC's latest activities facilitating collaboration among our affiliates (introduction, latest developments) and also with external groups including interfaith connections (introduction, latest developments).

Scroll down to learn about two current partnerships, the Global Mission Roundtable and the Youth and Young Adult Ministry Roundtable, as well as a list of past partnerships and independent organizations that have launched from our partnerships platform.

Global Mission Roundtable

The EFC’s Global Mission Roundtable provides a platform for collaboration around common issues, challenges and opportunities which are key to the Canadian Church's effectiveness in global mission. This partnership has its own webpage at

Here are just two of the resources produced by this partnership. Online ordering is temporarily unavailable, but you can call to order toll-free 1-866-302-3362 (local 905-479-5885).

Is Your Church Interested in International Partnerships?
Churches wanting to connect and partner directly with other churches internationally are a relatively new phenomenon. The EFC’s Global Mission Roundtable worked with leaders across Canada to develop the Guide to Best Practices in Church-to-Church Partnerships, a comprehensive resource to help facilitate this process. Order your copy today for $10 or with a 50% discount if you are an affiliate of the EFC.

The guide is summarized in a free downloadable Code of Best Practice in Church-to-Church-Partnershipsa set of standards to serve as a benchmark.

Improving Short-Term Mission Trips
The EFC Global Mission Roundtable has updated its Code of Best Practice in Short-Term Mission. The Code provides a standard/benchmark for short-term mission practice and suggests elements that should be incorporated as a basic minimum. Download the second edition, dated February 2009, for free. A revised guidebook which includes many helpful supplementary materials is available for $10.

Youth and Young Adult Ministry Roundtable

The Youth and Young Adult Ministry Roundtable, which operates on the administrative and communications platform of the EFC, exists to provide a vibrant, national voice for youth and young adults, and the faith-based organizations that serve them. Most EFC activities on children and youth are listed elsewhere (introduction, latest developments).

The Roundtable has published a very influential research report, called Hemorrhaging Faith, on trends in how Canadian young people are relating to the Church. Go to to obtain the report. Read an introduction to the report from the Sep/Oct 2012 cover story of Faith Today in which the authors of the study introduced their work and its implications.

Many roundtable partners are also involved in a multi-year follow-up project called Young Adult Transition Research which began publishing its first resources in 2018 (at, focused on helping young adults keep the faith after graduating high school.

Here are just two of the resources produced by this partnership.

Forum Letter to Church and Ministry Leaders

Participants in a 2008 forum hosted by the EFC’s YYAMR formulated a letter which demonstrates their concerns for engaging the next generation of Christian young people in ministry and leadership. This is a call to repentance and to action.

Misplaced Video: A candid reflection of what our youth feel about the Church today.

Independent Ministries the EFC Helped to Start

Former Ministry Partnerships

  • Aboriginal Ministries Council
  • Child in Church and Culture Partnership
  • Purpose At Work
  • Forum for Women in Ministry Leadership
  • Social Action Commission
  • Task Force on Education
  • Vision Canada / National Evangelism Partnerships