Ministry partnerships

Learn about the latest collaboration the EFC is facilitating among our affiliates (introduction, latest developments). Learn about our co-operation with external groups including interfaith connections (introduction, latest developments).

Current Partnerships

  • The EFC’s Global Mission Roundtable provides a platform for collaboration around common issues, challenges and opportunities which are key to the Canadian Church's effectiveness in global mission. This partnership has its own webpage at
  • The Youth and Young Adult Ministry Roundtable, which operates on the administrative and communications platform of the EFC, exists to provide a vibrant, national voice for youth and young adults, and the faith-based organizations that serve them. Most EFC activities on children and youth are listed elsewhere (introduction, latest developments). 

Independent Ministries the EFC Helped to Start

Former Ministry Partnerships

  • Aboriginal Ministries Council
  • Child in Church and Culture Partnership
  • Purpose At Work
  • Forum for Women in Ministry Leadership
  • Social Action Commission
  • Task Force on Education
  • Vision Canada / National Evangelism Partnerships