Partnerships in Canada and beyond

More Collaboration and Co-operation

  • Learn about the latest collaboration the EFC is facilitating among our affiliates in areas such as refugee sponsorship, young adult transition research, Indigenous reconciliation and more (introduction, latest developments).
  • Learn about our co-operation with external groups including interfaith connections (introduction, latest developments).

Missions: Research, Collaboration, Improving Short-Term Mission Trips, and More

The EFC Global Mission Roundtable seeks to maximize the effectiveness of the Canadian evangelical community in global mission. This roundtable provides a platform for collaboration around common issues, challenges and opportunities which are key to the Canadian Church's effectiveness in global mission. This partnership has its own webpage at

One of its popular resources is an updated Code of Best Practice in Short-Term Mission. The Code provides a standard/benchmark for short-term mission practice and suggests elements that should be incorporated as a basic minimum.  Download the second edition, dated February 2009, for free. A revised guidebook which includes many helpful supplementary materials is available for $10 online or by calling 1-866-302-3362.

Member of the roundtable and many EFC affiliate agencies are also partners in the Canadian Missions Research Forum focused on the missions engagement of the Canadian Church.

To find out what EFC affiliate organizations are doing in mission, enter a keyword such as "Tanzania" or "malaria" into our custom search, which gives results from websites of our affiliate organizations.

Strengthened by Global Ties

The World Evangelical Alliance is a network of churches and organizations representing more than 600 million Evangelicals. The EFC is its national alliance partner in Canada. Visit

EFC staff help lead the WEA, including current contributions by Bruce Clemenger and others. Canadian Brian Stiller is the WEA global ambassador, and the EFC hosts his Dispatches blog.

The WEA includes commissions on mission, religious liberty, theology, women, youth as well as initiatives on human trafficking, refugees, leadership training, nuclear weapons, generosity, creation care, business and more.

Youth and Young Adult Ministry Roundtable

The Youth and Young Adult Ministry Roundtable, which operates on the administrative and communications platform of the EFC, exists to provide a vibrant, national voice for youth and young adults, and the faith-based organizations that serve them. Most EFC activities on children and youth are listed elsewhere (introduction, latest developments).

Independent Ministries the EFC Helped to Start

Former Ministry Partnerships

  • Aboriginal Ministries Council
  • Child in Church and Culture Partnership
  • Purpose At Work
  • Forum for Women in Ministry Leadership
  • Social Action Commission
  • Task Force on Education
  • Vision Canada / National Evangelism Partnerships