You are invited to Ottawa workshops on parenting or euthanasia

14 April 2024

The EFC is launching a free Saturday morning workshop series called Faith Matters: Current Issues Facing the Canadian Church. The first one will be held June 8 at Kanata Baptist Church.

Register today to hear either one of these presentations followed by a light lunch:

MAiD in Canada: A matter of life and death
Presenter: Dr. David Guretzki, EFC President and Resident Theologian 
How did we get here and what changes are happening with Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD)? Why should you be concerned? How should Scripture shape our thoughts and actions around this issue? Why does it matter? 

Parenting and Grandparenting Faith: The difference you can make 
Presenters: Rick Hiemstra and Lindsay Callaway, EFC Research Team 
Are you eager to see your children or grandchildren embrace their faith for life? How important is your role? What are effective ways to foster faith in your family? We’ve done the research. May our findings encourage, equip and empower you!

Register today at or call 647-214-3442.

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