October 22, 2019

22 October 2019

Join Us in Praying for the New Parliament: Latest Canada Watch

Join us in praying together for the work to come with Canada’s newest Parliament. And if you want to be involved in our work, we would love if you could introduce the work of the EFC to Canadian Christians passionate about having a practical and compassionate voice on issues of religious freedom and care of the vulnerable in our country.

As a new Parliament begins, read the latest Canada Watch to learn some of the activities that the EFC engaged in with the previous Parliament, bringing biblical principles to bear on the issues of the day.

Prayer for EFC Board Meeting and Presidents Day

Every year the presidents of various EFC affiliate denominations, educational institutions and ministry organizations gather with the EFC board of directors for Presidents Day. It’s a special opportunity for ministry leaders to hear presentations by EFC staff and guest speakers, discuss the activities of the previous 12 months and share goals and concerns for the future. This year’s presentations, Oct. 24 in Montréal, offer historical perspective on evangelicalism in Canada today, a young adult panel, a report on a major new EFC survey of Canadian attitudes to faith and religion, and more.

The EFC board also meets today and tomorrow, before Presidents Day. Some Presidents Day participants will also attend a conference on church planting or a gathering of Christian higher education leaders this week. Please pray for God’s blessing on all these activities.

Next Steps in the Federal Parliament – and What You Can Do

A day after the federal election, we take a look at the next steps in the federal parliament--and what you can do. Read more in our latest blog. 

Temptation on Trial

“ ‘And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil’ (Matthew 6:13, KJV). The petition has given commentators fits over the centuries. Would God ever actually lead us into temptation, such that we need to ask Him not to? Is He the sort of deity who would set a perjury trap only to watch us stumble into evil?” Carolyn Arends attempts to answer this tricky question in this podcast based on one of her Faith Today columns. 

What Are You Retiring to?

Retirement isn’t a complete break from work – it’s time for a new task, suggests Christian business federation leader Keith Knight in a new Faith Today blog. “After decades of learning, doing and experiencing life, it is now time to simply exhale – breathe all of your knowledge over younger men and women as they shape their careers.”

Social Media Enterprise Meets Addiction Recovery in Ottawa

“Jon Ruby has a passion to help people in recovery. After planting Ottawa’s Union City Church, Ruby wanted to find a way to have a bigger city impact. What he found was kombucha, a fermented tea served cold and loaded with probiotics and vitamins.” Read more in this Kingdom Matters article from Faith Today.

Help the EFC by Collecting Air Miles

If you don't have an Air Miles card, this message is for you. You can help the EFC by collecting Air Miles with an EFC Air Miles card. Request one at our website and simply present it when you shop at grocers and other stores in the Air Miles program. The EFC will use the points you collect to defray the travel costs of our ministry. Thank you for whatever way you support our ministry "uniting Evangelicals to bless Canada in the name of Jesus."

Coming Events at

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→ Church Planting Congress 2019, Montréal, Oct. 22-24
→ Mitchell Prize Gala, Toronto, Oct. 22
→ Refugee Highway Partnership North America Roundtable, Toronto, Oct. 23-25
→ Who Is My Neighbour? The Church and Refugees, Toronto, Oct. 23
→ EFC Presidents Day, Montréal, Oct. 24
→ Calgary Leadership Prayer Breakfast, Oct. 24
→ Canadian Christian Communicators Association Webinar: What’s Happening With Broadview Magazine, Oct. 24
→ Christian Higher Education Canada Conference AGM, Montréal, Oct. 25
→ Ottawa Civic Prayer Breakfast, Ottawa, Oct. 25
→ Can-Am Theological Association Conf.: God’s Wisdom & the Wonder of Creation, Rochester, Oct. 25-26
→ Gather Rise 2019, Oakville, Oct. 25-26
→ Faith Seeking Understanding Symposium, Moncton, Oct. 25-26
→ Umbrella National Disability Ministry Equipping Conference, Calgary, Oct. 25-26
→ Christian-Muslim Dialogue 2019: Heart of Hospitality, Calgary, Oct. 26
→ Children’s Ministry Conference, Montréal, Oct. 26
→ EFC Ambassador Neil Siemens in Edmonton, Oct. 27
→ Understanding Our Climate Crisis, Ancaster, Oct. 27, Nov. 3
→ Lester Randall Preaching Fellowship, Toronto, Oct. 27-29
→ Healthy Conversations, Healthy Churches, Rothesay, Oct. 28-Nov. 1
→ Adoption Awareness Month, nationwide, Nov. 1-30
→ IMPACT National Men’s Conference, Bishop’s Falls, Nov. 1-3; Grande Prairie, Nov. 2
→ SEE Conference – Singles Engaged & Empowered, Calgary, Nov. 1-2
→ Loving Your South Asian Neighbour, Etobicoke, Nov. 2
→ Surrey & White Rock Writers’ Conference, Delta, Nov. 2
→ Toronto Children’s Ministry Conference, Toronto, Nov. 2
→ Faith In Action: Practising Biblical Advocacy, Toronto, Nov. 3
→ Canadian Law Enforcement Retreat, Kananaskis, Nov. 3-4

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