October 8, 2019

08 October 2019

Encouragement on EFC Election Resources

We received an encouraging email from Toronto high school teacher Michael Kim last week. “I am teaching Grade 10 Civics this term [at a Christian school], and have come across your website resources on this upcoming election. I just want to say thank you for putting together such informative and thorough materials. Not to mention that the faith-based contents also naturally guide students to discuss about how we can apply our faith and values, and being aware of God’s will, in exercising our rights as citizens in Canada. Thank you for your faithful work!”

We’re grateful for this encouragement. If you haven’t seen the EFC’s federal election 2019 resources yet, they are available online in English and French. Go to to get:

→ NEW: Two-minute “election tip” videos
→ Issue questions for candidates on 16 key issues
→ What churches can and cannot do
→ Brochure on faith, voting and political engagement
→ And more!

Feel free to reproduce and distribute copies of these resources in your group or church.

Quebec Euthanasia Decision: Friday Deadline to Ask Minister of Justice to Appeal

The requirement in federal law that a person’s death be “reasonably foreseeable” to qualify for euthanasia was struck down on Sept. 11, 2019, by Quebec Superior Court Judge Christine Baudouin. She also struck down a similar clause in Quebec’s euthanasia law that requires an illness be terminal. The EFC is closely following these disturbing developments.

See the EFC blog post on the issue which includes links to an EFC letter to the Minister of Justice asking that this decision be appealed. You can use the EFC’s letter or these samples (either .docx or .pdf) to help write your own letter.

New Podcast: Children’s Ministry in Canada Today

Lawson Murray, president of Scripture Union, unveils a new report revealing trends and insights into children’s ministry.

In the Midst of Gods and Idols

Gods and idols continually lure us in Canadian culture today, even though they may be less obvious than Old Testament idols. EFC President Bruce Clemenger tells us, “When God is ‘the Lord our God’ and we walk in His name (Micah 4:5), we can stand in the Spirit with courage to face the gods and idols of this world—dethroning the significance they may claim to have.”

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Help the EFC by Collecting Air Miles

If you don't have an Air Miles card, this message is for you. You can help the EFC by collecting Air Miles with an EFC Air Miles card. Request one at our website and simply present it when you shop at grocers and other stores in the Air Miles program. The EFC will use the points you collect to defray the travel costs of our ministry. Thank you for whatever way you support our ministry "uniting Evangelicals to bless Canada in the name of Jesus."

Coming Events at

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→ Policy issues tour from Citizens for Public Justice, Ottawa, Oct. 8
→ EFC Speaker Don McNiven in Burlington, Oct. 10 
→ Worship Together Toronto, Oakville, Oct. 11-12 
→ International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, Oct. 17
→ Change Conference, Toronto, Oct. 18-19
→ Conquering Sexual Temptation, Edmonton, Oct. 18-19
→ Imagination, Scripture, and Preaching: Tensive Proclamation, Montréal, Oct. 18-19
→ Real Truth Real Life Apologetics Conference, Surrey, Oct. 18-19
→ Reimagine Conference, Hamilton, Oct. 18-19
→ IMPACT National Men’s Conference, Cornwall, Oct. 19
→ Free Youth Gospel Concert, R.A.P. (Radical Advocates of Praise), Markham, Oct. 19
→ Healthy Ministry Boundaries: Training for Pastors and Congregations, Winton, Oct. 19
→ Federal election, Oct. 21
→ Church Planting Congress 2019, Montréal, Oct. 22-24
→ Mitchell Prize Gala, Toronto, Oct. 22
→ Refugee Highway Partnership North America Roundtable, Toronto, Oct. 23-25
→ Who is my neighbour? The Church and refugees, Toronto, Oct. 23
→ EFC Presidents Day, Oct. 24
→ Calgary Leadership Prayer Breakfast, Oct. 24
→ Christian Higher Education Canada Conference AGM, Montréal, Oct. 25
→ Ottawa Civic Prayer Breakfast, Ottawa, Oct. 25
→ Canadian-American Theological Association Conference: God’s Wisdom and the Wonder of Creation, New York, Oct. 25-26
→ Gather Rise 2019, Oakville, Oct. 25-26
→ National Disability Ministry Equipping Conference, Calgary, Oct. 25-26

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