EFC Update Newsletter April 14, 2020

14 April 2020

Religious Freedom: The EFC Seeks Intervener Status in Church Dispute Case at Supreme Court

Last week the EFC filed its arguments for intervener status in an application for leave to appeal before the Supreme Court of Canada before the Supreme Court of Canada. The Ethiopian Orthodox Church of Canada is challenging an Ontario Court of Appeal decision that permits courts to judicially review a dispute between members of the church and their bishop on a theological and disciplinary decision. This decision conflicts with a previous Supreme Court decision (in which the EFC intervened) that ruled the courts will not “become the arbiter of religious dogma” and that ecclesiastical decisions about membership and discipline are outside of the scope of judicial review. The upcoming case is known as Aga v. Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church of Canada

EFC President Attending Virtual Denominational Meeting

This week EFC President Bruce Clemenger is giving a report to the Regional Synod of Canada of the Reformed Church in America. The RCA is one of 45 denominations affiliated with the EFC and, as with other denominations’ annual conferences planned for the spring and early summer, this meeting will be held by video conferencing.

New Podcast: Being Church and Neighbour in the Pandemic

Preston Pouteaux is an author, beekeeper and pastor of Lake Ridge Community Church in Chestermere Alberta. He shares deep encouragement for the Canadian churches finding their feet in this strange and difficult time.

Bill C-7 Puts Lives on the Line: New Canada Watch

“We’re at the point where our lives are on the line.” EFC staff recently heard this from a woman with disabilities. She was expressing her deep concern about the new bill that would expand euthanasia. She shared the need to use every means possible to challenge this bill, Bill C-7. Read more in the latest Canada Watch about Bill C-7 and other issues the EFC is working on.

Hope in Crisis Video and Algeria Persecution Article from WEA Global Ambassador

You’ve probably heard about persecution in countries like China and Iran, but did you know Algerian Christians are also being shut out of their churches? “Algeria, one of the early Arab Spring countries, continues to send its police to rout Christians from services of worship, padlocking their church doors,” writes Brian Stiller, global ambassador for the World Evangelical Alliance.

He also released a five-minute video called Hope in Crisis. Watch and be encouraged.

Stand Up Straighter

Were you ever told by your parents to “stand up straight?” Faith Today columnist Carolyn Arends reflects that just like our physical posture often needs correcting, we are also born “spiritually bent” and in need of spiritual formation. “My best teachers in the Christian life remind me spiritual formation is the slowest of all possible human movements. Jesus will unbend us, if we’ll let Him, but it will take surrender, practice and time.” Read more in the latest Faith Today.

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