EFC Update Newsletter March 16, 2021

16 March 2021

Euthanasia Bill in Final Debate

Senators are currently in a final debate on Bill C-7. If they accept the House of Commons’ motion, the bill will be passed, allowing watershed changes such as euthanasia and assisted suicide for mental illness alone.

EFC Webinar on Conscience Protection Tomorrow

Canadian Christians have a role to play as the federal government expands access to euthanasia and assisted suicide. Medical health professionals need conscience protection, and they are asking the Church to help. No one should be forced to participate in ending the lives of their patients.

The Christian Medical and Dental Association of Canada and the EFC are hosting webinars to explore this issue and how we can help. Specifically, right now in Ontario there is opportunity to influence the development of conscience protection legislation in the near future.

Join us on Wed. March 17 at noon Eastern time to hear from doctors and members of the Coalition for HealthCARE and Conscience. Register now.

Denominational leaders and Ontario pastors who missed last week’s EFC webinar on conscience protection for Ontario medical health professionals can watch the question-and-answer period with three doctors.

Letter of Support to MP on Conscience Bill C-268

The EFC has sent a letter of support to MP Kelly Block, who introduced Bill C-268, the Protection of Freedom of Conscience Act. Bill C-268 clarifies that health care professionals must not be coerced into participating—either directly or indirectly—in medical assistance in dying. Learn more and download sample letters you can send to your MP at

Meeting with Ontario Premier on Pandemic Worship Restrictions

EFC Vice-President David Guretzki participated in a recent interfaith virtual meeting with Ontario Premier Doug Ford to discuss restrictions on worship gatherings in Ontario. Guretzki attended at the invitation of the Catholic Archbishop of Toronto, Cardinal Thomas Collins. The premier later announced some easing of restrictions and that the government is working to see greater allowance for ministers to carry out vital ministry functions, details of which are yet to be announced. The EFC continues to monitor the situation across Canada, and we are in dialogue with pastors and leaders across the country.

The EFC at World Watch List Parliamentary Release

Last Wednesday March 10, EFC Vice-President David Guretzki was a panelist at the Open Doors Canada Parliamentary launch of the annual World Watch list. Each year MPs and Senators are invited to hear about matters of religious freedom, especially in countries where the church faces persecution.

Ten Lessons from Fallen Leaders

From Jean Vanier to Ravi Zacharias, there are lessons to be learned from the stories of fallen Christian leaders that can help shield victims, and safeguard churches and ministries from the devastation that results when power is abused. Faith Today senior writer Patricia Paddey describes ten such lessons.

In a new Faith Today Podcast, host Karen Stiller was joined by Melodie Bissell of Plan to Protect and Patricia Paddey to discuss some of the issues behind this article and what we can all do to be more realistic about our leaders, and ourselves.

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Ontario Prayer Breakfast Coming Soon

A 50-year tradition of praying for provincial and municipal politicians continues this year as an online event March 29 at 7:30 a.m. Registration for the Ontario Prayer Breakfast is free but there are only 1,000 tickets available. Members from a variety of EFC-affiliate churches and organizations will participate, including a short prayer segment by EFC President Bruce Clemenger. Registration is now open.

Discussions on Prayerful Church

Roger Helland, the EFC’s prayer ambassador, recently participated in a YouTube discussion on "What Makes a Prayerful Church, Part 2," with Sara Maynard of Red Leaf Prayer and Rob Parker of the National House of Prayer.

Coming Events at 

→ The History of the Bible: From Manuscripts to Modern Translations (Concordia Seminary), online Tuesdays Mar. 16, 23 
→ EFC Webinar on Conscience Protection in Ontario, online Mar. 17 
→ Beauty & Brokenness: A Journey to Easter (Imago & Intriciti), online Mar. 17, 31 
→ Five Essentials to Guard Your Integrity: A Business Leadership Discussion (CCBF), online Mar. 17 
→ Step into Impact: Entrepreneurs Equipped to Tackle Poverty (FH Canada), online Mar. 18 
→ Spiritual Memoir Writing Workshop (Ottawa Christian Writers), online Mar. 19 
→ Day of Prayer for Hong Kong (Canadian Council of Churches), online Mar. 21 
→ Ontario Prayer Breakfast, online Mar. 29 
→ EFC Prayer: Congregational Affiliates, online Mar. 31 
→ Spiritual Direction Courses (Emmaus Formation), Course 4 online Mondays Apr. 5-June 14; Course 1 online Thursdays Apr. 8-June 17; Soul-Shaping Practices online Thursdays Apr. 15-June 24 
→ Opening New Portals, Building Community (Canadian Christian Communicators), online Apr. 6-9 
→ Navigating Through the Storm (Presbyterian Renewal/Cruxifusion), online Apr. 17 
→ Mindfulness for Spiritual Formation and Direction (Emmaus Formation), online Apr. 17 
→ Writers Critique Group (Ottawa Christian Writers), online Apr. 20 
→ EFC Prayer: Ministry Organization Affiliates, online Apr. 21 
→ Atlantic Church Leaders Roundtable, Apr. 23 
→ Imprisoned for Christ (Voice of the Martyrs Canada), online Apr. 24 

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