EFC Update Newsletter March 30, 2021

30 March 2021

Urgent Call to Pray for Myanmar

The Asia Evangelical Alliance and the Myanmar Evangelical Christian Alliance are co-hosting an online event to pray for the current situation in Myanmar. We encourage you to register and join in prayer for them and with them, to show solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Christ who are facing a very difficult situation.

Three Questions on the Status of Bill C-6, A Bill to Ban Conversion Therapy

Bill C-6 passed its second vote in the House of Commons on October 28, 2020, with a vote of 305 to 7. The bill was then studied by a parliamentary committee. The committee did not adopt the EFC’s recommendations and instead recommended changes to expand the reach of the bill further. Read more in our new blog.

Join the EFC’s Book Discussion on Reaching Emerging Adults

We're hosting an online book discussion on the theme of reaching and keeping unchurched emerging adults. And you're invited! On May 18 we'll host a panel with author Beth Seversen to discuss her book Not Done Yet: Reaching and Keeping Unchurched Emerging Adults ( Register now to join us from 7:00 to 8:30 p.m. Eastern time to hear from the author, discuss the book in small groups and then engage in a live Q and A with her. Co-hosted by the EFC and Youth Worker Community. Now’s the time to order the book so you're ready to discuss it.

Webinar Recording: The Church Can Help Medical Professionals with Conscience Protection

Churches have a role to play as the federal government expands assisted suicide. Medical professionals need conscience protection and are asking the Church to help. No one should be forced to participate in ending lives. Right now in Ontario there's opportunity to influence conscience legislation. Learn more by watching the EFC's March 17 webinar discussion with doctors and the Coalition for HealthCARE and Conscience.

New Podcast: Cindy Bunch on Being Kind to Yourself

Our latest podcast is with Cindy Bunch, author of Be Kind to Yourself: Releasing Frustrations and Embracing Joy. Cindy’s book is organized around two key questions: What’s bugging you? And what’s bringing you joy? Answering those two questions daily is one of the spiritual disciplines she recommends, along with others that are both creative and accessible. We think you will enjoy this podcast.

World Renew Canada Celebrates Refugee Sunday in April

In the next two seconds someone will be forced to flee their home because of conflict or civil unrest. World Renew, a partner with The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, provides vital support in resettling refugee families who are seeking peace and safety in Canada. Refugee Sunday is a time to explore how you or your church can walk alongside a refugee family on their journey toward hope. Download informative resources geared to better understand and promote refugee sponsorship. Check out available resources for personal or congregational use.

Bridging the Gap: How One-Year Programs Are Equipping High School Grads

More and more Christian postsecondary schools are offering gap year programs for Christian high school graduates. One of the main findings of the 2018 Canadian study Renegotiating Faith was “that young people who took a gap year before postsecondary education were far more likely to continue in faith practices than those who did not.” Read more about some of the Canadian schools offering gap year programs.

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→  EFC Prayer: Congregational Affiliates, online March 31 
→ The Ethics of Genome Editing (Canadian Council of Churches), online March 31, April 28 
→ Beauty & Brokenness: A Journey to Easter (Imago & Intriciti), online March 31 
→ Spiritual Direction Courses (Emmaus Formation), Course 4 online Mondays April 5-June 14; Course 1 online Thursdays Apr. 8-June 17; Soul-Shaping Practices online Thursdays April 15-June 24 
→ Opening New Portals, Building Community (Canadian Christian Communicators), online April 6-9 
→ Watercooler Break (Canadian Christian Communicators), online April 9 
→ Understanding Islam & Reaching Muslims for Christ (Loving Muslims Together), online April 10 
→ Exploring the Entrepreneur’s Leadership Intent (Food for the Hungry), online April 10 
→ Navigating Through the Storm (Presbyterian Renewal/Cruxifusion), online April 17 
→ Mindfulness for Spiritual Formation and Direction (Emmaus Formation), online April 17 
→ Writers Critique Group (Ottawa Christian Writers), online April 20 
→ EFC Prayer: Ministry Organization Affiliates, online April 21 
→ Imprisoned for Christ (Voice of the Martyrs Canada), online April 24 

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