EFC Update Newsletter January 24

24 January 2023

New Research Highlights Small Canadian Churches

There’s more to the thousands of small churches in Canadian neighbourhoods than many people realize. A new study digs into the realities of these churches and examines their needs and strengths from the perspective of their pastors. Significant Church: Understanding the Value of the Small Evangelical Church in Canada is a collaborative research project by 13 Canadian organizations and led by the EFC research team. To download a free copy, go to

Abuse and Power in the Church: New Free Course by EFC Affiliate   

The Christian Reformed Church in North America has released a free course that explores the nature of power and authority in the church, reflecting on its use, abuse and how it can be redeemed for the glory of God and the flourishing of God’s people. The Power to Do Good: The Use and Misuse of Power in the Church has six parts, covering different aspects of abuse and better, healthy practices for stewarding power. Find out more and enrol here.     

Discounted Tickets for Outpour YA Conference in Ontario   

Know someone who’d love to attend a Christ-focused young adult conference on March 4 in Scarborough, Ont.? Love Is Moving (the EFC’s publication for Christian young adults) is offering 50% off tickets for Outpour (formerly Fluid). Young adults attending a church affiliated with the EFC can purchase tickets using the discount code LOVEISMOVING23. Find out if your church is an affiliate by searching for your church’s name on this list. 

Who Is My Samaritan? (Faith Today blog) 

Pastor Troy Watson reflects on why "Who are my Samaritans?" is just as important a question as "Who is my neighbour?"   

Handling a Disturbance in Public Worship (Faith Today blog) 

Churches want to be welcoming, safe places, but what happens when someone enters who disturbs worship, or could prove violent? Toronto-based journalist Sue Careless shares some tips for such a scenario.  

American Endowment Injects Millions into Canadian Theological Education

Lilly Endowment Inc., founded in 1937 by the family behind the pharmaceutical firm Eli Lilly and Company, is injecting millions of American dollars into theological education across North America. Read our feature article to learn how Canadian theological schools are benefiting from this three-phase philanthropic initiative.  

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Six New Articles Now in French // Six nouveaux articles traduits  

Don’t miss our latest French translations. From the Jan/Feb issue of Faith Today there’s our cover story on Christian workplaces as well as columns by David Guretzki and Bruce Clemenger. From the upcoming Feb/Mar issue of Canada Watch, there’s the lead story about Medical Assistance in Dying, an interview with incoming EFC president David Guretzki, and a roundup of news from Parliament Hill.// Ne manquez pas nos dernières traductions en français. Traduit du numéro de janvier/février de Faith Today, vous trouverez notre article de couverture sur les lieux de travail chrétiens ainsi que des articles de David Guretzki et Bruce Clemenger. Traduit du numéro de février/mars de Canada Watch, vous trouverez l'article principal sur l'aide médicale à mourir, une interview du nouveau président du CEF, David Guretzki, et un résumé des nouvelles de la Colline du Parlement. 

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This Week’s Prayer Prompts      

Prayer is essential to any effective action. Each week at we rotate through a prayer request from each of these five areas: Sanctity of Life, Care for the Vulnerable, Church and Mission, Family and Community, Religious Freedom. We also list an EFC affiliate group to pray for.  

This week’s prayer request is about sanctity of life. 

Pray for our society to regard each person’s life as precious and as made in the image of God. Pray for strong social and economic supports for those facing unplanned pregnancy, for women contemplating abortion and those who have had abortions. Pray for doctors and nurses who may be pressured to end life or at risk of losing employment for their refusal to participate in abortion. Pray for legislators to recognize to recognize fetal rights and for an end to abortion. 

You can learn more on these issues at  

This week's EFC affiliate highlight focuses on Pregnancy Care Canada which seeks to establish, equip, and encourage pregnancy care centres across Canada. The organization works with centres so that anyone impacted by an unexpected pregnancy has access to the support they need. 

You can always find the week’s prayer prompts at  

Coming Events at                       

→ Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, worldwide, Jan. 18-25   
→ Theology Pub Night (Wycliffe College), online/Toronto, Jan. 27  
→ Mission Central Conference, Vancouver, Jan. 27-29      
→ Scientists and the Church (American Scientific Affiliation), online, Jan. 28     
→ Gather Rise Conference, Calgary, Feb. 4     
→ Leading Women Series (Women Together), online, Feb. 7  
→ Calvin Symposium on Worship (CICW), online/Grand Rapids, Mich., Feb. 8-10    
→ Communications Workers Watercooler Break (CCCA), online, Feb. 10      
→ PowerUp Gospel Music Workshop (York University), Toronto, Feb. 23-26  
→ Coldest Night of the Year (nationwide), Feb. 25 

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