07 September 2021
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We are mere days away from the next federal election.
Did you know that the EFC has been through 17 federal elections since its inception in 1964? That’s a lot of changes in government! Through it all, the EFC has faithfully applied biblical principles to educate and equip Evangelicals to grapple with the moral and ethical issues of the day; and to be the unwavering voice to our country’s legislators as they grapple with policy challenges.
For nearly six decades, we have endeavoured to honour God by seeking the welfare of our country – for the good of all (Jer 29:7) – by championing laws and policies that promote human flourishing by advancing the biblical understanding of justice, righteousness, compassion and freedom.
Our work is crucial because public policy impacts all of us collectively as well as on a personal level. It shapes society and influences culture, impacting the way we interact with and care for one another. The laws of the land affect how we order our lives, define what we value as a society, and determine the extent to which we can seek the well-being of our neighbours.
There is a lot at stake. We acknowledge that perfect governance will only occur when Christ returns to establish His eternal kingdom. However, we also recognize that human governments can help or hinder the ability of Christians to further the gospel and to provide a glimpse into “His Kingdom come,” when there will be no more suffering and no more tears.
So, what should we do when proposed or existing laws violate the sanctity of human life, deny justice and compassion to those suffering from abuse or oppression, undermine the integrity and health of families, or challenge our religious freedoms?
Such laws must not go unchallenged. We must speak up, knowing that our faith and our deeds are inextricably linked, and that our laws impact the extent to which we can live according to our Christian convictions. Our silence in the public square would create a moral vacuum in which governments are more likely to yield to pressures from more vocal secular or anti-religious influences.
One voice is easily ignored…
But a strong, clear chorus of voices can effect great change – to advance laws that will foster justice, compassion and freedom!
As you know, the EFC is the national association of evangelical denominations, ministry organizations, higher education institutions, and individual congregations who hold the Bible as the final authority in faith and life. We are more than 2 million evangelical Christians strong!
The EFC has sought to wisely use its the time and resources to oppose policies and laws that denigrate the sanctity of human life, weaken protections for the abused and oppressed, undermine the integrity of families, or violate religious freedoms. We faithfully work to ensure that arguments promoting God’s timeless truths are heard and counted as we engage with law and policy makers to advance laws for the good of our country.
The EFC Centre for Faith and Public Life in Ottawa is strategically located near Parliament Hill. With our resourcefulness, research capabilities and analytical expertise, we have been effective at identifying, building, and maintaining strategic relationships that have strengthened the work that God has called us to do.

Screen-Shot-2021-09-03-at-2-12-33-PM-(1).pngThe EFC has a long and proven track record of tackling major challenges and achieving significant victories as we seek to boldly proclaim and uphold biblical principles before our governments. We are widely respect for our faith-based convictions, credible arguments, influence, and staying power. As a result, the doors to many offices are opened for us.
We believe that all people are loved by God and created in God’s image – that all human life has inherent dignity and value. As such, we cannot not speak up to protect our religious freedom, to help strengthen marriages and families, to break dividing walls (Eph 2:14), and to advocate for those who are vulnerable – the unborn, the elderly, the disabled, exploited women and youth, the religiously persecuted, abuse survivors, refugees, the homeless, children, etc.
EFC supporters and affiliates continue to tell us that they value our work. Friends like you have affirmed your trust in the EFC’s ability to be the light in the darkness.
Even as we await the outcome of the next election, the EFC is not losing any momentum. We are working hard to ensure that a biblically informed and reasoned voice gets heard on timely issues despite whatever shuffles take place on Parliament Hill. Your gift today will ensure that we can be present and engaged at a moment’s notice on matters that are of concern to Evangelicals, for the benefit of all Canadians! Thank you!


Bruce Clemenger

PS Voting is one way Christians can contribute to society and the public good. When we vote, we recognize the profound influence politics has on the lives of all Canadians. I encourage you to check out our resources online here.

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