Court Cases



S.L. v. Commission scolaire des Chênes [2012]

Case SummaryS.L. v. Commission scolaire des Chênes (hereafter, the "Drummondville" case), a case originating in Quebec, addressed whether parents have the right...

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Three Parents Case (AA v. BB) [2007]

Three Parents Case The Supreme Court of Canada decided on September 13 not to hear the appeal of the Three Parent Case (AA v BB) from Ontario. In its decision, the...

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Halpern v. Ontario (Ontario Marriage Case) [2003]

Ontario Court of Appeal (January 2003) The factum of the Interfaith Coalition on Marriage and Family in Halpern v. Ontario, the marriage case before the Ontario court of appeal...

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BC Marriage Case [2001-2002]

Legal Submissions (July 2002) Legal arguments before the Supreme Court of British Columbia on the definition of marriage. Supreme Court of British Columbia Appeal (2001...

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