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Centre for Research on Canadian Evangelicalism

The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada (EFC) established the Centre for Research on Canadian Evangelicalism (CRCE), which seeks to enhance the effectiveness of ministry carried out by Evangelicals in Canada and shed light on the character and role of Evangelicalism in Canada.  The Centre conducts research projects and engages in research partnerships; results will be published in Church & Faith Trends. The Centre will also act as a clearinghouse and portal for external research on Canadian Evangelicalism.

Bruce Clemenger, EFC president, states that:

“The Centre provides relevant Canadian data and analysis that will help us understand Evangelicals and trends in Canada and will also assist us in communicating who we are to other Canadians.  As an EFC initiative, it will be responsive to the research and information needs of pastors, ministry leaders and evangelical scholars, and will provide data that has previously been unavailable in Canada.”

About the Centre for Research on Canadian Evangelicalism

The Centre for Research on Canadian Evangelicalism (CRCE) seeks to:

  • Improve the accuracy of public and scholarly representations of Evangelicals in Canada; 
  • Prompt new research on Canadian Evangelicalism; 
  • Provide evangelical ministry leaders with information that will enhance the effectiveness of their work; and
  • Act as a storehouse and clearinghouse for research on Evangelicals in Canada.

The CRCE engages in high-quality research and research partnerships, and publishes the results in Church & Faith Trends.

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