Presidents Day 2020 Bruce Clemenger

Where will the evangelical church in Canada be in 30 years?



A PDF text version of this presentation, titled “Unity and Blessing: The Integrity of Our Witness and the Importance of Journeying to Right Relationships,” is now available.

Discussion questions

  • Bruce Clemenger talks about being non-conformist. How do you see that lived out in healthy ways in your own life of faith and that of your church community? What are the advantages and the pitfalls of being non-conformist?
  • These times will test us and challenge us, says Clemenger. Our response can’t be disengagement. How have these challenging times helped clarify your own church community’s mission? How are you rising to this unique challenge? What do you need to help you do that better?
  • Clemenger talks about a horizon 30 years in the future. “When we consider our various ministries, what is our preferred future?” he asks. Consider that question within your own ministry or church community. Dream big.
  • “We are known for how we care for the family down the street,” says Clemenger. “We are thoughtful, kind, generous and forgiving.” That’s part of the vision shared in this talk for a possible, healthy future for evangelicalism in Canada. How would you add to this vision? How can your community work together to help make that vision a reality?
  • Unity and blessing are central to the EFC’s ends statement and vision. How does that resonate with you and your community?
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