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Euthanasia + Palliative Care: A Guide for Canadians 

Print edition (a digital edition is also available)

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This 2016 booklet of articles and discussion questions can help you and your church better understand what is at stake with physician-assisted suicide and what is needed in the area of palliative care.

If you are looking for the free digital version (for reading on screen, not intended for printing) instead, visit theEFC.ca/EuthanasiaPalliativeGuidePDF.

This 64-page booklet reprints eight articles from recent issues of Faith Today magazine, along with newly devised discussion questions for each article.

Page 5: Introduction
Page 7: Knowing the terms
Page 11: Palliative care
Page 13: Taking a stand against assisted suicide

Page 14: Gently into the arms of Jesus: Palliative care, done well, leaves no need for doctor-assisted suicide (followed by reflection questions)

Page 25: How Canadian Christians are caring for the dying: Insights on bringing comfort and providing palliative care (includes a list of resources, followed by reflection questions)

Page 37: Choosing to end a life: A new EFC report examines why people request assisted suicide and offers insight and hope (followed by reflection questions)

Page 47: J. I. Packer on aging and weakness: Wisdom from 2 Corinthians (followed by reflection questions)

Page 57: I was sick and you visited me: How to visit effectively (followed by reflection questions)

Page 62: Next steps: A call to care

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