For more than 50 years the EFC has gathered Evangelicals to advance the gospel together, collaborating for effective ministry and in our public witness.

As a national gathering place, we play a unique role in promoting collaboration among churches, ministry organizations, and higher education institutions, and bringing the wisdom of biblical principles into the public square. 

We collaborate for good.

The EFC draws together networks and partnerships to meet the needs of communities and our nation. We foster collaborative efforts among those who work in similar areas of ministry.

We tell the stories of Evangelicals and churches to encourage one another and to promote understanding and conversation. We celebrate the breadth and depth of evangelical faith and practice.

We research the changing contexts in the Church and in society in order to understand and interact with them. We facilitate study and collaboration in ministry. We work with other faith communities on issues that will contribute to the public good.

We seek the best for our country.

The EFC brings an evangelical understanding of the Christian faith to the public square. We apply biblical principles to life in society, including law and public policy, such as the sanctity of human life, caring for the most vulnerable members of our society, and religious freedom. We help Evangelicals grapple with issues of life from an evangelical faith perspective.

We show how laws that reflect these principles contribute to the public good. We intervene before the courts on critical issues facing Canada.