Refugees - Children in Refugee camp A refugee is a person who has fled their country because of persecution, war or violence. In both the Old and New Testaments, God calls us to care for the vulnerable. The EFC supports a video training program for churches called Welcome Church and an annual event each June called World Refugee Sunday. The EFC facilitates a Refugee Resettlement working group which has published a free downloadable resource called Welcome the Stranger: A Canadian Church Guide to Welcoming Refugees.
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The exponential God

EFC Vice-President and Resident Theologian David Guretzki writes about the exponential...

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Bringing the good news home

How can churches and individuals respond wisely to the refugee crisis? Some ideas from...

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Official statements

Call to prayer on Ukraine and Russia

The EFC joins other international evangelical groups in calling for prayer and for peace.

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Series 1. Episode 4 - From Canada

Our guest Zlata Zolotarova first arrived in Canada from Ukraine as a college student...

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Series 1. Episode 3 - From Western Europe

Our guest Ruslan Maliuta, who helped launch the charity World Without Orphans, is...

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Outgoing letters

Letter to Minister of Immigration on International Student Cap

The EFC has sent a letter to the Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship...

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Letter from refugee sponsor groups to the new minister of immigration

A letter of introduction and recommendations from the Evangelical Sponsorship Agreement...

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Dispatches from Brian

A Human Tidal Wave

The twin engine plane banked to the left, as we skirted the beach and lined up for the...

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Amazing Peace in a Region of Iraq

As I walked toward the meeting hall, several impressive young Iraqis looked my way with...

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Trauma-friendly Church Study Guide

A 7-session video and discussion guide for small groups. Produced by the Peace and Reconciliation Network.

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Welcome the Stranger: A Canadian Church Guide to Welcoming Refugees

A practical resource to help private sponsors welcome and settle individuals and families into a new life in Canada.

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