Religious freedom - girl happy to freely worship God image

Religious Freedom

We are created by God to seek Him and to know Him. God intends humanity to be free in this quest to know Him and worship Him in fullness and in truth. God gives us freedom to choose whom we will worship and serve.

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Sanctity of life - Abortion & Fetal Rights pregnant woman image

Sanctity of Life

All human life is precious. Life is a gift from God for us to respect and protect through all its stages, from conception to natural death (Psalm 139).

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Church and mission - Church Mission trip volunteers image

Church & Mission

After his resurrection, Jesus gave his followers the Great Commission: to make disciples, and to baptize and teach them (Mat. 28:18-20). He established the church to be the primary community of witness to a watching world.

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Family and community - Happy Church Community Members image

Family & Community

Our understanding of the world around us is shaped by our faith. We approach life and face difficult circumstances in light of the teaching of Scripture, with the help of the Holy Spirit.

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Care for the vulnerable - Parable of Good samaritan elderly woman caring for  toddler  image

Care for the Vulnerable

God calls us to care for those who are vulnerable. To love our neighbour is the second greatest commandment, after loving God. Jesus’ parable of the Good Samaritan teaches that our neighbour is anyone who is in need.

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Uniting Evangelicals to bless Canada in the name of Jesus

Bill C-277 (2016-2017): Developing a palliative care framework

Final debate on this bill occurred May 9, 2017 in the House of Commons. The EFC supports the bill and offers related resources.

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Coalition Forms in Physicians Conscience Case

The EFC filed joint legal arguments in Ontario in the physicians’ conscience case, along with the Christian Legal Fellowship and Catholic...

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Invite us to your house, office or church!

The EFC has travelling speakers and also donor relations staff who would be glad to come visit you.

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Letter to Ontario Minister of Children and Youth Services

Concern about Bill 89, which proposes to change religious freedom rules in Ontario's child welfare system.

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New on the Faith Today blog

Read the weekly blog of Faith Today, Canada's Christian magazine. Latest post: "If you are faith-based group sponsoring refugees, you are...

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Read Our Latest News

Where can you get the latest news from the EFC? Check out our our weekly e-newsletter, events calendar and latest bimonthly newsletter.

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Canadian Missions Research Forum

The CMRF just published a report on church budgets and spending on missions, part of a series of major studies on attitudes to mission.

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World Refugee Sunday

Your church can join Christians worldwide June 18 or 25 in responding to God’s call to "love the stranger as yourself." Free multilingual resources.

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Christian Medical and Dental Society et al v. College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario

Summary: This case involves a court challenge of the policies of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO) that require doctors to...

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An Open Letter to all Members of Provincial Parliament of Ontario

Conscience rights must be protected in Bill 84, which implements euthanasia and assisted suicide in Ontario.

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One Year Later: How Have Syrian Refugees Settled? What Can the Church Do to Help?

Topic: Refugees

Canada's first major group of refugees from the crisis in Syria have now passed their Month 13, which marks the end of the committed financial...

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What Our Affiliates Have to Say

The Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada
Dr. Franklin Pyles, Former President

"The EFC has developed a unique ability to address significant ministry issues by facilitating partnerships within the evangelical community. Whether these partnerships are short-term or ongoing, they prove to be strategic for expanding God's Kingdon in Canada and around the world."

World Vision Canada
Dave Toycen, Former President

"As the President of World Vision Canada, I travel to broken communities around the world, and I do not underestimate the importance of the reconciling and community-building work of The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada. It is encouraging to see how the EFC is setting an example for evangelicals, as well as other major segments of the Christian community, to join together in ways that honour Christ while still maintaining our theological integrity. I truly thank God for the leadership the EFC is giving."

Redeemer University College
Justin Cooper, Former President

"I sense fresh breezes blowing in our land. The Lord is using The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada to help achieve something of the unity Christ prayed for in John 17. Through its vision of ministry empowerment, the EFC is becoming a context and means for enabling an increasing variety of Christ-centered churches, organizations and groups to come together to enhance their ministry to the Christian community and their witness to Canadian society."

Doug Rhind, Senior Pastor

"The challenge for churches and church leaders has never been greater. How do we fulfill our mandate to be salt and light in a society where the public expression of faith collides with the complexities of a changing socio-political environment? Our partnership with The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada is an essential part of the solution. As an affiliate of the EFC we have access to personnel, critical information services, and support resources to assist us in understanding and developing a Christian response to the current trends and changes in our society. Our affiliation with the EFC also gives us the assurance that we are not alone. We are a part of a larger Christian community and, through the voice of the EFC, our Christian perspectives are being represented in public forums with integrity, consistancy and excellence."

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