Religious freedom - Wall case image

Should courts rule on church membership?

Should courts be able to review the membership decisions of religious communities and other voluntary associations? Learn more about the Supreme Court "Wall" case that the EFC is involved in.

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Refugees - father and daughter image

Refugees after sponsorship ends

What happens to refugees in Canada after their sponsor's 13-month commitment ends?

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Battling Pornography image

Battling Pornography

This free 40-page EFC booklet contains articles and discussion questions to help you and your church understand the damage pornography is causing in society today, why it matters, and how we can respond as Christians, churches and parents.

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Sanctity of life - Pregnant woman in red coat image

Pregnancy Care Centres - Did you know?

Many people have preconceived ideas about pregnancy care centres. Three questions with Dr. Laura Lewis.

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Church and mission - Famine appeal image

Famine appeal

Amid all the news about Hurricane Irma, let's not forget East Africa, facing one of the world’s largest humanitarian crises since the Second World War.

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Uniting Evangelicals to bless Canada in the name of Jesus

Bill C-51 (2017): Criminal Code Update

Should Canada remove laws against interfering with clergy and disturbing religious worship meetings?

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Watch our September webinar on current social issues

Watch a videorecording of our Sept. 19 conversation on current issues such as medical assistance in dying, pornography, religious discrimination...

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New on the Faith Today blog

Read the weekly blog of Canada’s Christian magazine. Sep. 18: "That beautiful debate"  

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Three questions on the doctors conscience case

A quick interview about the June 13-15, 2017 legal case against the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario.

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Invite us to your house, office or church!

The EFC offers travelling speakers for your next event, plus donor relations staff who would be glad to come visit you.

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The EFC Launches Weekly Podcast

The EFC Podcast, a regular series of downloadable audio recordings, launched June 1 on iTunes, Google Play and SoundCloud.

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Bill C-277 (2016-2017): Developing a palliative care framework

The EFC supports the bill, currently before the Senate, and offers related resources.

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The EFC Will Intervene in Final TWU Cases

The EFC has received intervener status in the Trinity Western University law school cases, scheduled for Nov. 30 and Dec. 1, 2017 at the Supreme...

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Read Our Latest News

Where can you get the latest news from the EFC? Check out our our weekly e-newsletter, events calendar and latest bimonthly newsletter.

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Billboard Campaign: Buying Sex Is a Crime

Topic: Prostitution

The Buying Sex Is a Crime Campaign is supported by a wide range of groups across the country, including the EFC.

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Canadian Missions Research Forum

The CMRF's latest report (June 5) studies how mission work is communicated and promoted in Canadian churches. Check out the entire series.

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Rev. Hyeon Soo Lim home from North Korea prison

Rev. Hyeon Soo Lim, a Canadian pastor imprisoned for two years in North Korea, was recently freed and returned home.

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Three questions on a new anti-pornography campaign

Topic: Pornography

A quick interview on a campaign that calls five Canadian organizations to "Choose Change."

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Latest Video

Responding to the Famine in Africa

EFC President Bruce Clemenger is among a number of Canadian religious leaders who are asking Canadians to mobilize in response to the dire famines impacting South Sudan, Somalia, Nigeria and Yemen. In this video, Evangelicals are urged to pray for the people in these countries, to become informed and to tell others about the tremendous need.

What Our Affiliates Have to Say

The Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada
Dr. Franklin Pyles, Former President

"The EFC has developed a unique ability to address significant ministry issues by facilitating partnerships within the evangelical community. Whether these partnerships are short-term or ongoing, they prove to be strategic for expanding God's Kingdon in Canada and around the world."

World Vision Canada
Dave Toycen, Former President

"As the President of World Vision Canada, I travel to broken communities around the world, and I do not underestimate the importance of the reconciling and community-building work of The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada. It is encouraging to see how the EFC is setting an example for evangelicals, as well as other major segments of the Christian community, to join together in ways that honour Christ while still maintaining our theological integrity. I truly thank God for the leadership the EFC is giving."

Christian Higher Education Canada
Justin Cooper, Executive Director

"I sense fresh breezes blowing in our land. The Lord is using The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada to help achieve something of the unity Christ prayed for in John 17. Through its vision of ministry empowerment, the EFC is becoming a context and means for enabling an increasing variety of Christ-centered churches, organizations and groups to come together to enhance their ministry to the Christian community and their witness to Canadian society."

Doug Rhind, Senior Pastor

"The challenge for churches and church leaders has never been greater. How do we fulfill our mandate to be salt and light in a society where the public expression of faith collides with the complexities of a changing socio-political environment? Our partnership with The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada is an essential part of the solution. As an affiliate of the EFC we have access to personnel, critical information services, and support resources to assist us in understanding and developing a Christian response to the current trends and changes in our society. Our affiliation with the EFC also gives us the assurance that we are not alone. We are a part of a larger Christian community and, through the voice of the EFC, our Christian perspectives are being represented in public forums with integrity, consistancy and excellence."

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