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Young adults staying or leaving?

Download Renegotiating Faith, a major 2018 research report on the special faith challenges in the transition to young adulthood today.

New for 2019: A second report specific to the Christian postsecondary education sector.

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Get our new election resources

Prepare for the Oct. 2019 federal election. Get our:
• Issue questions for candidates
• What churches can and cannot do
• Brochure on faith, voting and political engagement
• And more, aussi disponible en français

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Palliative Care Toolkit

Get our free booklet on caring for serious illness – what palliative care is and why it matters so much. Great for small-group discussion or personal reflection.

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Sanctity of life - Take action on conscience image

Should doctors be forced into euthanasia and abortion?

Conscience rights are in peril - Learn more and take action

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Interfaith conference videos now available

What’s the proper place of religion in Canadian society? Watch April 2019 presentations by Bob Rae, Solange LeFebvre, Michael Ruse, Mary Jo Leddy, David Novak and more

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Uniting Evangelicals to bless Canada in the name of Jesus

EFC Update Newsletter September 17, 2019

Join next week’s webinar on being politically engaged****EFC Vice-President upcoming events in Ontario

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On the Faith Today website

Read the latest post from Canada’s Christian magazine. Sept. 5: “FT Interview With Marilyn Draper" on church planting

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Biblical rest as leadership

Our witness in a sleepless society. By Bruce Clemenger. Reprinted with permission from Faith Today.

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Ontario Court of Appeal Upholds 'Effective Referral Requirements' for Euthanasia, Abortion

On May 15 the Ontario Court of Appeal upheld forced referral policies on medical assistance in dying and other procedures that might go against a...

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Submission on Online Hate to the Committee on Justice and Human Rights

How can the Canadian government reduce the promotion of hatred online? The EFC made a submission May 10 to a House of Commons committee.

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Ressources en français de l'AÉC

Consultez notre nouvelle page Web d'hyperliens vers des ressources de l'AÉC en français

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Canada Summer Jobs Grant Program (2017-2019)

In 2019 this federal program repaired some of the eligibility rules that in 2018 made it unfairly inaccessible to many religious groups.

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Submission to the Special Senate Committee on the Charitable Sector

How do religious charities benefit Canadian society? The EFC participated in a review in April, and the committee has now issued its report (June...

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New on the EFC Podcast

Latest audio (Sept. 17, 2019): “How to Be an Intercultural Church,” with Timothy Tang and Robert Cousins of the TIM Centre

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Pray for our political leaders on October 6

Topic: Citizenship

Join us in a day of prayer for our leaders in all levels of government.

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What are churches allowed to do during an election? Three questions from our recent webinar

Topic: Citizenship

If a church member is running as a candidate, what can they do or not do? What are the guidelines for a pastor who would like to volunteer for a...

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International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church

Each November your church can join believers worldwide to pray for the estimated 200 million Christians facing persecution for their faith. ...

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How to get our latest news

The Aug/Sep 2019 "Canada Watch" is now available! And check out our events calendar, weekly e-newsletter and more.

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Three questions on the Ontario medical referrals decision

Lawyer Derek Ross explains the Ontario appeal court decision about doctors wanting to opt out of medically assisted dying.

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Latest video


What churches can and cannot do during a federal election

Topic: Citizenship

There are proper ways Canadian church congregations can be active participants in elections. Learn more from our expert guests Deina Warren, legal counsel for the Canadian Council of Christian Charities, and Julia Beazley, director of public policy for the EFC. Disclaimer: this webinar is not legal advice. Consulting a lawyer is always best.

What Our Affiliates Have to Say

Power to Change
Rodney C. Bergen, President

“When one of our campus ministry staff had a question about the transition of young people from high school to adulthood, his first call was to the EFC. His question led to the EFC conducting a major research study into the question in partnership with ourselves and several other Canadian Christian organizations. Our affiliation with the EFC made this major study possible and it is of ongoing benefit not only to ourselves and other evangelical organizations but to those of the Catholic, Mainline Protestant, and Orthodox churches. Affiliation with the EFC has also been beneficial in providing information on issues relating to our interaction with government, creating a unified voice on important issues, and in facilitating a variety of conversations with other like-minded organizations and denominations across Canada. I deeply value our affiliation with the EFC.”

The Salvation Army, Canada & Bermuda
Susan McMillan, Territorial Commander

"The Salvation Army is pleased to be an affiliate of The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada. The EFC provides an important forum to demonstrate a shared faith and commitment to being a transforming influence in the lives of individuals and communities. There is strength and authenticity when Christians join together in proclaiming the good news of the gospel. The EFC has increasingly become a voice for the marginalized and vulnerable in our society. We reflect and demonstrate the love of Christ when the needs of the poor are addressed. Human trafficking victims and refugees are beneficiaries of the research and advocacy of the EFC. We are grateful to the EFC for shared resources, excellent research capacity and its faithfulness to the teaching of the Scriptures."

Crandall University
Dr. Bruce Fawcett, President & Vice Chancellor

"We have deeply appreciated the benefits of our affiliation with the EFC. We have enjoyed EFC resource staff who have spoken to faculty, staff and students on our campus, and have served as advisors via email and phone on other occasions. I have personally enjoyed the connections made with other ministry leaders through the EFC's annual Presidents' Day gatherings. I also deeply appreciate the role that the EFC has had in giving birth to what is now known as Christian Higher Education Canada - an association which has been an excellent source of fellowship and encouragement for our university. The vision and insights provided by the EFC have been a wonderful gift to the Canadian church!"

Doug Rhind, Senior Pastor

"The challenge for churches and church leaders has never been greater. How do we fulfill our mandate to be salt and light in a society where the public expression of faith collides with the complexities of a changing socio-political environment? Our partnership with The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada is an essential part of the solution. As an affiliate of the EFC we have access to personnel, critical information services, and support resources to assist us in understanding and developing a Christian response to the current trends and changes in our society. Our affiliation with the EFC also gives us the assurance that we are not alone. We are a part of a larger Christian community and, through the voice of the EFC, our Christian perspectives are being represented in public forums with integrity, consistency and excellence."

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