Religious freedom - Canada Summer Jobs image

Contact your MP to end the unfairness of the Canada Summer Jobs program

After many Christian groups were excluded last year, the federal government is considering how to amend its Canada Summer Jobs program.

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Palliative Care Toolkit

Learn more about caring for serious illness – what palliative care is and why it matters so much. Download for free!

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Battling Pornography image

Battling Pornography

This free 40-page EFC booklet contains articles and discussion questions to help you and your church understand the damage pornography is causing in society today, why it matters, and how we can respond as Christians, churches and parents.

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Sanctity of life - Take action on conscience image

Should doctors be forced into euthanasia and abortion?

Conscience rights are in peril - Learn more and take action

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Church and mission - Faith Today article image

Is a clergy crisis coming?

How to prepare for the coming shortage of pastors. New article from Faith Today magazine

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Uniting Evangelicals to bless Canada in the name of Jesus

Letter on Freedom of Conscience Bill to MP David Anderson

The EFC wrote to MP David Anderson on Nov. 6 in support of his bill to protect conscience for health care professionals, Bill C-418, the Protection...

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New on the EFC Podcast

Listen to our latest audio recordings. Nov. 20, 2018: “What do we do when people leave the faith? (with Paul Chamberlain)”

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New on the Faith Today blog

Read the weekly blog of Canada’s Christian magazine. Nov. 15: “Report from the Parliament of the World’s Religions, by James...

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P.T. et al v. Alberta [2018]

The EFC is intervening in an Alberta Court of Appeal case involving a group of faith-based schools and parents. The group has applied for a...

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Remembering Dr. Wendy Peterson (née Beauchemin)

Wendy Peterson, an influential leader in the EFC’s Aboriginal Task Force and later the Aboriginal Ministries Council, is deeply missed.

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Submission on Palliative Care Framework to Health Canada (2018)

What's a good definition for palliative care? How does it relate to euthanasia and medical assistance in dying? (July 2018)

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Take Action on Conscience Rights

Ask your MPP/MLA for legal protection so medical professionals aren't forced to refer patients for euthanasia/abortion. UPDATE: Ont. case appealed

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CMDS et al v. College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario [2017-2019]

An appeal is set for Jan. 2019 in this challenge to the Ontario requirement that doctors provide effective referrals for procedures they object to...

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Evidence Against Expanding Access to Assisted Suicide (2017-2018)

A major report on expanding access to Medical Assistance In Dying is expected Dec. 2018. Please pray and read the EFC's submission on the key issues.

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Join the movie tour for "Because of Grácia"

The EFC is encouraging churches and other groups to host screenings of the new film "Because of Grácia" to spark biblical conversations...

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Youth transition research now available

How can churches help youth keep the faith after high school? Free download of "Renegotiating Faith" and links to related podcasts and...

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How to get our latest news

Just posted: Arguing for Vigorous Protection for the Vulnerable (in "Canada Watch"). Interactive events calendar. Weekly emails.

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Bill C-75 (2018): On human trafficking, obstructing clergy, child protection, abortion

This bill, if not amended, will send the message that crimes related to human trafficking, assaulting clergy and infanticide are less serious.

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Latest video


Webinar: What is palliative care and why does it matter?

How can we improve how we offer multi-disciplinary care for a person with a progressive, life-limiting disease? Guests: Rauni Salminen, executive director, Philip Aziz Centre; Julia Lee, a lecturer in medicine at the University of Toronto and McMaster University. Host: Karen Stiller. Date: Sept. 25, 2018

What Our Affiliates Have to Say

The Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada
David Hearn, President

“The EFC provides a dynamic place for inspiration, information and collaboration for the evangelical churches of Canada. It offers a platform to encourage one another, to explore common concerns, to innovate around shared opportunities and to speak as 'one voice' to the political and social realities of Canadian culture. The EFC informs churches about significant social, moral and ethical issues Canadians are dealing with and creates an environment for honest, open and productive conversations around those issues. The EFC also calls churches to action and establishes channels for our collective prophetic and pastoral voice to be heard. The EFC presents a united face of evangelicalism in Canada. It affirms the reality that churches are ready and willing to care for the needy, be a voice for the marginalized and bring blessing and hope to all Canadians. I am delighted to be a part of this amazing team!”

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship
Geri Rodman, Past President

"Every year, InterVarsity engages with thousands of students in their high schools, colleges and universities. We welcome thousands more to our camps. Every interaction is an opportunity to invite them to follow Jesus and to walk alongside them in discipleship. This is no simple task in our culture and society today. We deeply appreciate the work of the EFC in understanding and interpreting culture and in suggesting ways for all of us to respond faithfully as God’s people. The EFC provides excellent research and perspective that helps us consider how to best reach today’s youth and young adults. We appreciate the prayerful, strategic partnerships provided through the EFC’s network of churches and ministry organizations."

Christian Higher Education Canada
Justin Cooper, Executive Director

"I sense fresh breezes blowing in our land. The Lord is using The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada to help achieve something of the unity Christ prayed for in John 17. Through its vision of ministry empowerment, the EFC is becoming a context and means for enabling an increasing variety of Christ-centered churches, organizations and groups to come together to enhance their ministry to the Christian community and their witness to Canadian society."

Doug Rhind, Senior Pastor

"The challenge for churches and church leaders has never been greater. How do we fulfill our mandate to be salt and light in a society where the public expression of faith collides with the complexities of a changing socio-political environment? Our partnership with The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada is an essential part of the solution. As an affiliate of the EFC we have access to personnel, critical information services, and support resources to assist us in understanding and developing a Christian response to the current trends and changes in our society. Our affiliation with the EFC also gives us the assurance that we are not alone. We are a part of a larger Christian community and, through the voice of the EFC, our Christian perspectives are being represented in public forums with integrity, consistancy and excellence."

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