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Urgent action required on euthanasia law

The federal government has opened a two-week online consultation on expanding eligibility for MAID (medically assisted death). The consultation closes Jan. 27. Find out why and how it's crucial to add your voice.

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Battling Pornography 2019 image

Revised study guide on pornography

Articles and discussion questions that can help you and your church understand what is going on with pornography today, why it matters, and how we can respond as Christians and as parents. Newly revised in October 2019.

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Not Christian anymore?

A major new EFC survey suggests half of Canadians are either agnostic, atheist or unreligious. And only a tenth attend religious services weekly. How will the church respond?

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Renegotiating Faith research report image

Young adults staying or leaving?

Download Renegotiating Faith, a major 2018 research report on the special faith challenges in the transition to young adulthood today.

New for 2019: A second report specific to the Christian postsecondary education sector.

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Get our new kit on political engagement

Contribute to our nation's future using our new resources on:
• Why get involved with social issues? And how?
• Tips on contacting your MP
• How a bill becomes law, and what you can do

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Uniting Evangelicals to bless Canada in the name of Jesus

On the Faith Today website

New from Canada’s Christian magazine. Feb. 3, "Five book reviews, plus art by Betty Spackman"

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Q & A: Bill S-202 and Conversion Therapy

Bill S-202 is a private member's bill introduced by a Senator. It would ban advertising for conversion therapy and receiving financial or...

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Evangelical Churches and the Palestinian Authority

I find it ironic that where Jesus was raised—in the backyard of his earthly life—Evangelical churches were disallowed status to marry...

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Ressources en français de l'AÉC

Consultez notre nouvelle page Web d'hyperliens vers des ressources de l'AÉC en français

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Asking Elections Canada to change the election date

Together with Jewish leaders, the EFC asks to reschedule the next fixed election date so it does not conflict with a Jewish holy day.

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Can we end chronic poverty in Canada?

Christian advocates are saying yes. Read "Bucking the system" in the May/Jun 2019 Faith Today. By Amy MacLachlan. Reprinted with permission.

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Quebec Bill-21 (2019)

The EFC objects to Quebec’s Bill 21, which prohibits government employees such as teachers from wearing religious symbols at work.

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Closing of churches in Algeria

Christians recently joined in a public protest against the Algerian government for shutting down churches.

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New on the EFC Podcast

Latest audio (Jan. 20): “Surprising Survey on Religion in Canada,” with Sam Reimer of Crandall Univ.+the EFC's Rick Hiemstra

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How to get our latest news

Check out our events calendar (add your event for free!), magazines, annual report videos, weekly e-newsletter and more.

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Reasons to hope and ways to engage

Topic: Citizenship

As we rise up to meet the challenges of the new year, we are rooted and grounded in Christ, whose love is greater than we can comprehend. He is...

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Refugee Resettlement Initiative

Leaders of numerous EFC affiliates, facilitated by the EFC, are engaged in a response to the refugee crisis currently taking place worldwide. This...

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The lollipop problem - fighting international child pornography

Topic: Pornography

Injustices against our neighbours, including online sexual exploitation of children, can be reduced when Christians step up, reports IJM...

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How to walk with your community in times of crisis

Churches can offer comfort and help when tragedy or disaster strikes a community. But how can we respond best? How can we prepare? Expert guests...

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What Our Affiliates Have to Say

Outreach Canada
Craig Kraft, Executive Director

“I am thankful for The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada and for their outstanding resources. Many of their booklets and resources on Canadian issues have been well read in our office. The EFC is our own private guardian. They stand up with us and for us when we can not do it by ourselves. We are blessed to have them acting and interceding on our behalf. Their helpful team of experts is always just a phone call or email away.”

Christian Reformed Church in North America
Darren Roorda, Canadian Ministries Director

"Affiliation with the EFC is an important part of our ministry posture in the Christian Reformed Church. It demonstrates to the local churches of our faith stream that the cause of Christ is a mission we share together with other traditions nearby to us. It is also a demonstration to the world of the uniting power of God's love for those who are called to express that love in places ranging from church basements to the towers of Parliament."

Crandall University
Dr. Bruce Fawcett, President & Vice Chancellor

"We have deeply appreciated the benefits of our affiliation with the EFC. We have enjoyed EFC resource staff who have spoken to faculty, staff and students on our campus, and have served as advisors via email and phone on other occasions. I have personally enjoyed the connections made with other ministry leaders through the EFC's annual Presidents' Day gatherings. I also deeply appreciate the role that the EFC has had in giving birth to what is now known as Christian Higher Education Canada - an association which has been an excellent source of fellowship and encouragement for our university. The vision and insights provided by the EFC have been a wonderful gift to the Canadian church!"

CrossRoads Community Church (Kenton, MB)
Jason Hodson, Senior Pastor

"The EFC is my 'go to' resource for issues that the modern church faces today They are at the beachhead, addressing and speaking truth to cultural issues that threaten to overwhelm church and society. The EFC is a voice to power and a tool box of resources to help my church respond lovingly and wisely to relevant issues."

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