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Our affiliates are a key reason the EFC is able to serve the Body of Christ across Canada. The institutions that formally reconnect with us year after year fall into four main groups:

  • denominational groups including regional, national and international ones;
  • charitable ministry organizations from humanitarian to evangelistic and beyond;
  • postsecondary schools;
  • and hundreds of individual church congregations from a wide range of traditions.

Together we are stronger! We learn from each other, discerning God’s leading for our country and its cities and neighbourhoods at the present moment. We partner to develop resources together. And we seek consensus, so that united we can work for the good of the society where God has placed us.

Is your church or other Christian institution an EFC affiliate? Join us!

Search Option One: Affiliate Websites

Search across all the websites of EFC-affiliated churches, schools and other organizations. For example, you can enter the name of a specific country into this custom Google search to look for examples of what our affiliates are doing in that country.

Want to donate in support of a disaster in a certain place? Try a search to find which affiliates are already at work there and thus worth considering as recipients of your donation. All our affiliates are registered charities.

Search Option Two: Affiliate Listings

To find out if we have an affiliated church in a particular city, select the Congregations category using the “Type of affliate” dropdown below, then type the name of the city you want in the blank, and then click the search button.

Other common searches are by province (e.g., affiliate churches in Alberta), by other types of institution (e.g., affiliate postsecondary schools in Moncton), or search across all types of affiliate institutions (e.g., find every affiliated institution from PEI).

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