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MAID Expansion Action Kit 2023

Get our updated Action Kit to Halt Expansion of MAID to Include Mental Illness Alone below. People with mental illness alone will become eligible...

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MAID in Canada: Toward a Faithful Christian Response to Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia

This paper was written by EFC President and CEO (and resident theologian) Dr. David Guretzki, PhD. It was commissioned by the EMCC.

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Life Together: Disability and Belonging in the Church

Download this free new resource on disability, belonging and ableism in the church.

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Government Action on Pro-life Charities and What You Can Do

This new toolkit explains what's happening to challenge the charitable status of pro-life charities, why we're concerned, and how to respond

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Submission on The Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act

The EFC recommends that PCEPA be upheld, with minor changes to ensure consistency of approach. It is essential to curbing the demand for paid...

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AEC carte de prière 2023

Affichez cette carte sur votre réfrigérateur ou dans votre Bible. Il répertorie les thèmes mensuels pour 2023 de notre personnel.

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