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Join hosts Karen Stiller and Bill Fledderus for interviews with Christian culture shapers, leaders and ministry specialists and extras from Faith Today magazine.

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Season 7 Recap

Join the hosts of the Faith Today Podcast as they reflect on some of their favourite moments from season seven. Features Karen Stiller, Bill Fledderus and podcast manager Sammy Kyereme.

Holiness is for all of us, says new book by Karen Stiller

In addition to being a senior editor at Faith Today, Karen Stiller of Ottawa is an author of several books including Holiness Here: Searching for God in the Ordinary Events of Everyday Life (NavPress, 2024). She talks with her fellow editor Bill Fledderus about holiness in ordinary life, how all believers are holy even if we don't feel that way, grouchy hospitality and slow beauty.


Longing for joy with author Alastair Sterne

Are you predisposed to grumpiness? Does joy feel like an elusive dream? B.C.-based author Alastair Sterne leads us through a contemplation of joy that is theological and practical.

JON Festival gathers young Christians

Israel Gimba is an Ottawa evangelist and pastor. He talks with guest host Sammy Kyereme about the heart of the ministry Dunamis Army, how Ignite Saturdays are facilitated, and strategy on how to bring together a united gathering for young Christians.

How is your mental health?

Welcome to a quiet and gentle conversation about mental health with Vivette Henry, PhD, a clinical counsellor/psychotherapist and Tyndale University prof. She walks us through staying in touch with our own wellness, people in the Bible who struggled and what helps us keep on keeping on. 

How do we love our neighbour when they've survived trauma?

Brenton Diaz, a trauma therapist in Ontario, helps us understand what it means to befriend someone harmed by a history of abuse or war. It's not as hard as we think it might be.

The heart and soul of a pastor

How do pastors keep their hearts and souls healthy? That sounds like a huge topic, but with theologian Ross Hastings leading the way, we kind of did it. Hastings wrote Pastoral Ethics: Moral Formation as Life in the Trinity. We dive into that and then just keep going.  

A chat with the writers of the Jesus drama "The Chosen"

Two writers of "The Chosen" streaming video series, Ryan Swanson and Tyler Thompson, discuss Christian imagination, creativity and their new Season 4.

Inside investigations into spiritual abuse

We've heard about third-party investigators for abuse scandals in churches, seminaries and ministry organizations. Now we get to hear directly from two investigators about what happens during an investigation, how they carry out their work and why they feel called to do it.