Human trafficking - Hand of Person Vulnerable to Modern Slavery Human trafficking is a form of modern slavery in which a person is exploited through forced labour or forced prostitution, by threats of violence, use of force, deception or coercion. Human trafficking exploits vulnerable people and violates human dignity.

God calls us to care for the vulnerable. He commands his people to “seek justice, rescue the oppressed, defend the orphan, plead for the widow” (Isaiah 1:17-18, NRSV). God sees and hears the suffering of the oppressed: “he does not ignore the cry of the afflicted” (Psalm 9:12b NIV).

Each person has human dignity flowing from our creation by God in His image and His love for us. This human dignity compels us to respect and uphold each person’s inherent worth, and to not treat them as objects for our gratification or profit.
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Media releases

EFC Welcomes New Legislation On Prostitution

OTTAWA – The EFC commends the government for taking seriously the task of...

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NGOs Celebrate Anniversary of National Action Plan to Combat Human Trafficking, Call Its Implementation, Enhancement Essential

The Action Plan was launched on June 6, 2012, as a comprehensive blueprint guiding 18...

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Canadian serves Evangelicals worldwide on social action

Christine MacMillan is a Canadian who serves the World Evangelical Alliance on public...

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New Prostitution Laws: Celebrating a Milestone in the Fight Against Exploitation

Saturday, December 6 was a historic day for Canada, and a day of deep personal...

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Outgoing letters

Re: The Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act - A letter to the Hon. Jody Wilson-Raybould, Minister of Justice

It is our firm belief that Canada’s new prostitution laws are a critical...

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Submission to the UN's Universal Periodic Review (Human Rights in Canada)

Recommendations for Canada on sexual exploitation, prostitution, human trafficking, pornography and religious freedom. Submitted jointly on Oct. 5 by the EFC and WEA.

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Bill C-36 (2014): Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act

Bill C-36: An Act to Amend the Criminal Code in response to the SCC decision in Bedford case and to make consequential amendments to other acts

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Not So Ancient: Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery (Fall 2009)

A resource for youth and adults seeking to live out their faith in a tangible and impacting way.

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Selling Ourselves: Prostitution in Canada, Where Are We Headed? (Apr 2010)

EFC report on the link between prostitution laws and human trafficking rates.

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