EFC Update

EFC Update Newsletter October 17, 2017

The EFC Asks Government to Maintain Protections for Religious CommunitiesBill C-51...

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October 10, 2017

Ask Your MP to Maintain Protection for ClergyBill C-51, intended to remove redundant or...

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Canadian Evangelical Missions Engagement Study

The Canadian Evangelical Missions Engagement Study Series is the first ever...

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Canada Watch

You are helping defend religious freedom and conscientious objection - Dec 2016

The EFC is opposing a requirement in Ontario that forces doctors to provide referrals...

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The EFC and our affiliates doing ministry research together - Oct 2016

What do Canadian evangelical congregations think about missions? What are their...

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Join our October webinar on pornography recovery

Join us Oct. 18 at noon EST for this free EFC webinar on recovering from pornography...

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Watch our September webinar on current social issues

Watch a videorecording of our Sept. 19 conversation on current issues such as medical...

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Outgoing letters

Letter to the Minister of Justice on Protections for Religious Communities

The EFC is deeply concerned with the removal of specific protections for religious...

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Official statements

Day of prayer for religious freedom

The EFC and the CCCC are calling Christians to pray for religious freedom on Sunday...

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Media releases

Billboard Campaign: Buying Sex Is a Crime

The Buying Sex Is a Crime Campaign is supported by a wide range of groups across the...

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The EFC Launches Weekly Podcast

The EFC Podcast, a regular series of downloadable audio recordings, launched June ...

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Faith Today

Faith Today is Canada’s Christian magazine.

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Love Is Moving

Love Is Moving is our magazine for youth and young adults. It's also the name of a related TV series and our participatory Take Action Video Series.

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