EFC Update

EFC Update Newsletter December 12, 2017

Bill C-51 Passes in House of CommonsThe House of Commons has agreed to keep the...

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December 5, 2017

Trinity Western Case in Supreme CourtThe Trinity Western University law school case was...

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Canadian Evangelical Missions Engagement Study

The Canadian Evangelical Missions Engagement Study Series is the first ever...

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Canada Watch

You are helping defend religious freedom and conscientious objection - Dec 2016

The EFC is opposing a requirement in Ontario that forces doctors to provide referrals...

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The EFC and our affiliates doing ministry research together - Oct 2016

What do Canadian evangelical congregations think about missions? What are their...

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Theological lessons from the TWU law school case

While we wait the normal few months for a Supreme Court decision in the TWU law school...

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Three questions on Bible usage

What does it matter how much time we spend with the Bible? How can we get into the...

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Outgoing letters

Letter to the Governor General on Controversial Remarks

The EFC’s Nov. 6 letter invites the GG to deepen her understanding of Canadians...

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Official statements

EFC Statement on Texas Church Attack

We grieve with the families and friends affected by the horrific Nov. 5 attack on the...

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Media releases

Evangelicals argue for religious freedom at the Supreme Court

A Supreme Court decision in the Trinity Western University law school cases will likely...

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Court Clarifies Scope of Religious Freedom in Ktunaxa Case

Government has a duty to consider religious freedom concerns when raised by claimants...

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Faith Today

Faith Today is Canada’s Christian magazine.

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Love Is Moving

Love Is Moving is our name for a variety of youth and young adult initiatives, including a bi-monthly magazine, a related TV series and our participatory Take Action video series.

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