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No Cure for Being Human and just being wonderful with Kate Bowler

In this interview with Karen Stiller, Kate takes us behind the scenes of her latest book, No Cure for Being Human, and also solves a lot of everything. Plus, laughter.


Habits that can help us grow

​​Do you feel sluggish in your spiritual life? Wonder if you're growing or stalled? Author and pastor Darryl Dash shares good news and good habits in this interview with Karen Stiller. His insights into identifying a "good church" is worth the listen alone. 


Clergy Resilience

​What makes pastors resilient in ministry? Lindsay and Rick talk with Briercrest Seminary faculty member and recent PhD graduate, Margaret Clarke, about her research on clergy wellbeing. With a background in therapy and personal experience as a clergy spouse, Dr. Clarke shares about the common stressors and resources available to pastors. We discuss how congregations, denominational leaders, and academic leaders can foster resilience in their pastors. Stay tuned for Rick and Lindsay’s takeaways after the interview.


Making It Count

​​ How do we measure and document changing religious landscapes in Canada? Why does it matter? In this episode Rick talks with Dr. Bruce Guenther, Professor of Church History and Mennonite Studies at Trinity Western University's ACTS seminaries, and Jonathan Chadwick, graduate student at Trinity Western. Stay tuned for Rick and Lindsay's debrief at the end.  


How to be Christian and the same time

​Religious people are not very popular when it comes to politics. Our guest John Milloy is Assistant Professor of Public Ethics and the Director of the Centre for Public Ethics at Wilfrid Laurier University in Ontario. He was a member of provincial parliament (MPP) in Ontario and worked on Parliament Hill as a political adviser to senior cabinet ministers, as well as five years on the senior staff of former prime minister Jean Chrétien.


Where the Light Fell: An Interview with Philip Yancey

Philip Yancey is a popular and prolific author, whose honest and searching books over a long writing career have helped Christians grapple with questions like, where is God when it hurts, and come to terms with the reality of feeling disappointment with God. Now, he's released a memoir that takes us back to his fundamentalist upbringing and the pain, trauma and resiliency of his childhood.


The Joy of Multi-Cultural

​​We spoke with Tim Tang about being intentionally intercultural in church and how we can grow. If you only see yourself in your congregation, there is probably room to grow. ​Tim Tang is the director of the Tyndale Intercultural Ministries Centre at Tyndale University in Toronto. The TIM Centre provides intercultural resources for networking, training and research for the Church. 


That Time We All Went Digital: An Interview with Joanna la Fleur

​Joanna la Fleur is a speaker, podcaster, TV host, and communications consultant. With a business communications degree and a Masters in Theological Studies, she has been helping the Church communicate the best news in the world for over 15 years.