We’ve been releasing audio recordings since June 1, 2017 to help Canadians sort through pressing issues and topics like spiritual growth and health, other religions, religious freedom, vocation, and tough questions of faith and living in contemporary society. The EFC Podcast often features interviews, articles from Faith Today magazine, and dispatches from Brian Stiller, global ambassador of the World Evangelical Alliance.

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The Church as Chaplain

David Guretzki considers what the Canadian Church can learn from the style of ministry typically practiced by chaplains.Show Notes: You can read all of David Guretzki's columns by subscribing to Faith Today magazine. And we've made it easier than ever to do that.


Hope in Crisis - Episode 3

Hope in Crisis #3 Brian C. Stiller, Global Ambassador The World Evangelical Alliance


Youth Ministry in COVID-19

What does youth ministry look like during COVID-19? Sid Koop helps us tackle the big questions of doing things very differently in this strange time. Sid Koop is founder and executive director of Truth Matters Ministries. 


Spiritual Disciplines with Carolyn Arends

Carolyn, author, speaker, songwriter and director of education for Renovare, speaks to us about her work and the beautiful freedom of spiritual disciplines.Show notes: Visit Renovare at Carolyn Arend's website is Carolyn mentions Richard Foster's well known book Celebration of Discipline: You can read some of Carolyn's Faith Today columns here:


Is it good to follow your conscience?

David Guretzki considers the role of conscience in the life of the Christian, and what that has to do with Canada today. 


Hope in Crisis - Episode 2

A series from Brian Stiller, Global Ambassador of the World Evangelical Alliance.


Feeling a little "off" at home these days?

Stephen Doucet Campbell, a psychotherapist with Shalem Mental Health Network, offers us comfort, tips and hope in this COVID-19 interview.


Better Together: An Interview with Danielle Strickland

The author and speaker shares her heart for preaching, helping other women become better communicators, and her new book written to help heal relationships between men and women.


Lorna Dueck: A Storyteller Retires

Lorna Dueck, a leader in Christian journalism in Canada, has announced her retirement from a groundbreaking and hugely successful career. In this interview, she shares some career highlights, advice to younger storytellers, and her thoughts as she moves into this new chapter of life and being.