List of topics

EFC speakers are able to speak on a wide range of topics from an evangelical perspective. Here are our most popular speaking topics.

  • Bible Usage and Engagement in Canada
  • Capital Campaigns
  • Church Trends
  • Communal Discernment in Strategic Planning
  • Congregational Preaching
  • Ethics and Politics
  • Faith and Public Life
  • Global Missions
  • Leadership (lectures and consulting)
  • Partnering for Greater Ministry Effectiveness
  • Protection of the Vulnerable
    • Protection and Well-Being of Children - Youth & Young Adults - Adoption
    • Poverty and Homelessness in Canada - Global Poverty
    • Human Trafficking - Prostitution - Pornography - Age of Consent
  • Religion and Culture
  • Religious Freedom
    • Parent Rights (Education)
    • Religious Freedom in Canada - Freedom of Religious Speech
    • Religious Freedom Internationally
    • Media Regulation
  • Sanctity of Life
    • Abortion - Rights of Children in the Womb
    • Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide - Palliative and End-of-Life Care
  • Special Events, Institutional Anniversaries, Banquets
  • Youth and the Church
    • Gain insights from the ground-breaking Hemorrhaging Faith study
    • Learn the role of parents, teaching and experience in the spiritual formation of youth
    • Hear how other Canadian churches are working through the challenges brought forth in this study

You can also browse our list of speakers. Requests for individual speakers are dependent on availability. Request a speaker now!