List of topics

EFC speakers are able to speak on a wide range of topics from an evangelical perspective. Here are our most popular speaking topics.

  • Abortion, Fetal Rights, Genetic Testing, Surrogacy (Sanctity of Life, Care for the Vulnerable)
  • Adoption, Fostering, Well-Being of Youth and Young Adults (Family and Community, Care for the Vulnerable)
  • Bible Usage and Engagement (Church and Mission)
  • Communal Discernment in Strategic Planning (Church and Mission)
  • Communications and Media (Church and Mission, Religious Freedom)
  • Community Engagement, Community Development (Family and Community)
  • Community-based Research, Church Trends (Family and Community, Church and Mission)
  • Congregational Guest Preaching (Church and Mission)
  • Creation Care, Environment (Church and Mission)
  • Christian Education (Church and Mission)
  • Education and Parental Rights (Religious Freedom)
  • EFC Presentation (Church and Mission)
  • Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide (Sanctity of Life)
  • Freedom of Conscience, Freedom of Speech (Religious Freedom)
  • Global Missions, Diaspora Communities (Church and Mission)
  • Global Poverty (Care for the Vulnerable)
  • Guest Speakers for Special Events, Institutional Anniversaries, Banquets (Church and Mission)
  • Human Dignity, Theology of Life (Sanctity of Life)
  • Human Trafficking, Prostitution (Care for the Vulnerable)
  • Leadership Consulting and Lectures (Church and Mission)
  • Marriage and Illness (Family and Community)
  • Palliative Care (Care for the Vulnerable)
  • Partnering for Greater Ministry Effectiveness (Church and Mission)
  • Peace and Reconciliation (Church and Mission)
  • Political Engagement by Christians and Churches (Church and Mission, Religious Freedom)
  • Pornography (Family and Community, Care for the Vulnerable)
  • Poverty and Homelessness in Canada (Care for the Vulnerable)
  • Refugees (Family and Community, Care for the Vulnerable)
  • Religion and Culture, Faith and Public Life, Secularism (Religious Freedom)
  • Religious Freedom, Charities, Public Policy, Charter of Rights (Religious Freedom)
  • Religious Freedom Internationally (Religious Freedom)
  • Seniors, Elder Care (Care for the Vulnerable)
  • Theology of Church and Mission, Evangelism (Church and Mission)
  • Video Best Practices for Churches and Organizations (Church and Mission)
  • Youth, Young Adult and Family Ministry (Church and Mission, Family and Community)

You can also browse our list of speakers, which also has a topic filter so you can narrow your list to see only the speakers associated with a particular topic. Requests for individual speakers are dependent on availability. Request a speaker now!