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Small churches and church plants

What is their unique value and what are their challenges?


Survival habits of the soul

This Faith Today article points to a way forward into spiritual flourishing in a world that pressures us to achieve.


The shame of sexual harassment in the church

We are all awake to the reality and shame of sexual harassment in the Church. This Faith Today article digs deep and shows a way forward.


The rich history and profitability of church cookbooks

Church cookbooks are memory and method, full of recipes and often church history. This Faith Today article by Alex Newman uncovers both.


Praying for Canada: Behind the scenes at the National House of Prayer

Rob Parker is a co-founder of NHOP and unpacks the vision of prayer for Canadian politicians and issues of concern in this interview.


A new president and a dramatic tuition cut

Dr. Robert Graham is the new president of Redeemer University. He speaks to us about the sizeable tuition cut Redeemer has introduced and his vision for this Christian academic community.


Trouble doesn't end witness—Venezuela today

Venezuela, with the oil wealth of Saudi Arabia, today looks more like Syria, noted a journalist. This incredibly beautiful and rich-in-resource Latin American country is the paradigm of ideological delusion, bureaucratic dissonance, governmental piracy, police intimidation, and outright robbing of the public purse...


What can the Canadian Church do about the opioid crisis?

Stewart Cameron, recovery advocate, shares his journey.


The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada turns 100 this year. An interview with David Wells

David Wells is the general superintendent of PAOC. Turning 100 is a chance to look back and to look forward. David Wells does both in this interview, and he offers encouragement for any churches feeling beleaguered these days.