Court cases



Kloubakov v. Canada [2024]

The EFC and ARPA Canada (the Association for Reformed Political Action) were granted co-intervener status before the Supreme Court of Canada in a case titled Mikhail Kloubakov...

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Canadian Alliance for Sex Work Law Reform v. Canada

This important case in Ontario Superior Court upheld Canada's prostitution law Sept. 18, 2023. The EFC released a statement celebrating this decision and also signed...

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Klassen-WRPS v. Star of the Sea Parish [2021]

This was a BC Human Rights Tribunal case to argue for the ability of religious groups to rent their facilities in a way that is consistent with their beliefs. The EFC was...

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Aga v. Ethiopian Orthodox [2020-2021]

The EFC was an intervener in a Supreme Court of Canada case about whether ecclesiastical decisions about membership and discipline are outside of the scope of judicial review...

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