Faith Today

Faith Today is Canada’s Christian magazine.

Faith Today helps Canada’s Christians make sense of our unique culture, life and ministry context by providing trustworthy journalism and enabling the diverse Body of Christ to share its best stories, research and insights. There are a few dozen selected Faith Today articles you can browse here on this website, but a lot more at the Faith Today website.

The EFC has published Faith Today – and its award-winning Canadian analysis, opinion, news, profiles, reviews and practical how-to’s – since 1983. It now connects daily with many of Canada’s four million Evangelicals through social media, blog posts and websites, and connects deeply through bi-monthly print magazines and other materials.

You can get your message to the Faith Today audience through advertising, and you can also support our ministry with a paid subscription or buying a copy at a retailer. Visit the Faith Today website to sample the latest articles and blog posts, and connect with senior editors Bill Fledderus and Karen Stiller, designer Janice Van Eck and other contributors across Canada by email or social media.

Subscriptions also include free copies of the EFC young adult magazine Love Is Moving.