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Why must Canada reverse MAiD for mental illness?

Reasons to cancel MAiD for mental illness. EFC research helps churches. New EFC team members. EFC studios available in Ottawa, Scarborough. More.

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Celebrating a legal win and remaining vigilant

Celebrating an Ontario court decision that found Canada’s prostitution laws to be constitutional. Also: concerns with the Canada Summer Jobs program.

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The EFC leads campaign to stop MAiD for mental illness

The EFC has launched Before It’s Too Late, an awareness and action campaign to stop the expansion of euthanasia.

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What success in Ottawa looks like for the EFC

What success in Ottawa looks like for the EFC. New research project on digital and social media. More

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Why EFC research matters – and the role donors play

Behind the scenes of research that serves the Canadian Church, EFC on human rights in Canada, Abuse Awareness and Prevention Network. More

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Challenging hastened death for minors

Join us in asking the government not to expand MAiD any further. Meet our new staff. More

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