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Public policy and the EFC in Ottawa

Gathering leaders. Research on family faith. Engaging with bills on pornography age restrictions, conversion therapy and euthanasia. More.

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The EFC readies for new law proposals

Getting ready for upcoming debates on extending euthanasia to people who aren't dying, on prostitution laws & on banning conversion therapy.

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Behind the scenes with the EFC in Ottawa

This CW pulls back the curtain on the EFC’s work on public policy in Ottawa.

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A presence in the pandemic: The EFC responds

The EFC has responded to the COVID-19 crisis in partnership with other Canadian Christian organizations, faith partners and church communities.

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Bill C-7 puts lives on the line

This CW looks at the bill that would extend euthanasia to people who aren't dying. It also reports Evangelical beliefs on the issue. And more.

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Cautions around conversion therapy

Le français suit. Our latest CW looks at cautions around conversion therapy, new EFC research on Canada's religious landscape, and more.

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