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Cautions around conversion therapy

Our latest CW looks at cautions around conversion therapy, new EFC research on Canada's religious landscape, and more.

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Can we prevent euthanasia laws from softening?

This CW looks at ways to prevent the softening of euthanasia laws, introduces EFC ambassadors, and more.

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How your support helped bring biblical principles to Ottawa

This CW looks at what happened during the previous session of Parliament, introduces new research, and more.

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EFC-led research helps answer Canadian church questions

This CW looks at how we encourage collaboration on ministry research, a new EFC Engagement Kit and more.

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Helping youth grow godly gifts to bless Canada

This CW has updates on new federal election resources, encouraging youth to faithful creativity, refugee resources, and more.

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The next Canadian election: How we can all be involved, and why we should be

Previews upcoming federal election resources, a new booklet called "Our Roman Catholic Neighbours" and more.

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