Podcast: All Things Reconciled

How do Christians and the Church respond to the call of Jesus to join God in His peacemaking and reconciliation work around the world? 

Jeanette-BohmAll Things Reconciled is a podcast of the Peace and Reconciliation Network (PRN) of the World Evangelical Alliance. The podcast is produced by The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada. Canadian cohosts Jeannette Böhm and Phil Wagler dialogue with community peacemakers, drawing out practical tips and insights from people leading in reconciliation work around the world in conflicts big and small, old and new.

The PRN is a global network that exists to inspire and equip the Church for its high call as ambassadors of Christ and his ministry of reconciliation in a unreconciled world.

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Phil-WaglerCo-host Jeanette Böhm is an associate of the PRN with a focus on media development. Her desire is to bridge connections between peacemakers globally through storytelling. She is licensed as an official worker of The Alliance (formerly the Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada), where she is currently an apprentice with their New Ventures program, seeking to develop a holistic approach to living on mission while exploring reconciliation-based discipleship. She lives in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ont.

Co-host Phil Wagler is global director for the PRN and a pastor from Kelowna, B.C. Together with the newly appointed PRN director for Canada Joel Zantingh, Wagler also edits and sometimes writes for a PRN blog at


Crisis in the Caucasus: Armenians Under Pressure

On September 19, 2023 tensions exploded between Azerbaijan and Armenia over a small territory within Azerbaijan that is home to ethnic Christian Armenians. Craig Simonian, PRN Caucasus Regional Coordinator, joins All Things Reconciled to share the history and reality of this live crisis facing the world's oldest Christian nation, it's impact on the world, and what you can do to make a difference as an everyday reconciler.


Welcome to the African Hut

In this episode Martin Kapenda, PRN Africa Regional Coordinator, unpacks his experience and observations of the unique challenges facing Africa, the African hut as a beautiful example of the church working together, and the African understanding of ‘Ubuntu’ as a gift to a world looking for true community.

Reconciliation in South Sudan

Arkanjelo Wani Lemi joins us in this episode to talk about his experience in South Sudan training pastors and churches to be peacemaking in their communities. 

Reconciliation in Rwanda

Joseph Nyamutera shares of his own transformation and of the growth of a reconciled and reconciling people and ministry from the ashes of mourning and lament.

The Power of Prayer in South Africa

In this conversation Anneke Rabe shares the amazing way God used the prayerfulness of a handful of South African women to bring reconciliation to racial divides spanning centuries.

Series 2. Episode 1 - The Johannes Reimer Story

Can the life of an angry prisoner really be transformed into a witness of God’s reconciling mission? Johannes Reimer, Director of the World Evangelical Alliance’s Public Engagement Department, reveals how his life from unlikely beginnings became precisely that.

Series 2. Episode 2 Reconciliation in the Life of Church, Society, Family & Creation

How does reconciliation move beyond ideas and even theologies to the practical everyday realities of society, politics, church life, family and creation care? Johannes Reimer, Director of the World Evangelical Alliance’s Public Engagement Department, unpacks the practical ways reconciliation impacts every area of life.

Series 2. Episode 3 - Reconciliation in my Life

Reconciliation, at the core of the gospel and mission of God in the world, intersects with the experiences we all live. Jeanette Bohm and Phil Wagler wrestle with the hope of reconciliation in their own stories and desire to be increasingly reconcilers in the world.

Series 1. Episode 1 - From Ukraine

Our guest Maxym Oliferovski leads the New Hope Center team in Zaporizhzhia, 30kms from the frontline of the conflict in Ukraine.