Podcast: Faith Trends

Conversations that connect research and ministry. Join co-hosts Lindsay Callaway and Rick Hiemstra as they help us understand who we are as the Canadian Church.

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Multi-vocational pastors

​How do pastors understand their calling when they also work outside the church? James Watson has spent years researching pastors in multivocational ministry roles and shares with us the challenges and opportunities that come with having multiple forms of employment as a pastor.

From Rodriguez to Carter to MAID

How Canada moved from affirming the sanctity of human life before the 1993 Rodriguez court case to providing "narrow" exceptions in the 2015 Carter case, to the introduction of MAiD in 2016 and its ongoing expansion fed by arguments for autonomy

Second-generation Chinese Evangelicals

In this study, Dr. Enoch Wong explores the “silent exodus” of these Canadian-born Chinese from their parents’ churches, tracing their journeys to negotiate their cultural, ethnic, and faith identities for themselves utilizing both sociology of religion and leadership studies.

Needs of women ministry leaders

​​Amy Vetter joins our host Lindsay Callaway to speak about the importance of women in ministry.

Does it matter if outsiders trust us?

Carole Ardell, a recent DMin graduate, discusses her research on The Relationship Between Trust and Perceived Relevance of Local Christian Churches in Prince George, B.C.

Equipping women to lead in ministry

How are women equipped to lead in ministry? Lindsay talks with Marilyn Draper from Tyndale University about her research on women's pastoral internship experiences at seminary.

Trends in Christian Contemporary Music

​In this episode, Lindsay Callaway talks with Mike Tapper, Chair of Religion Department at SWU, and Marc Jolicoeur, Pastor of Worship & Creative Arts in Moncton, NB about their recent study on the trends in worship music in the last 25 years. 

Zoom seminary

​Jason Mills is a Canadian pastor, chaplain and educator living in the Blue Mountains and researching about ministry and technology, online theological education, pastoral formation and practical theology.

Gen-Z and evangelism

​Definitions and approaches to evangelism are changing. In this episode, Lindsay speaks with Shaila Visser and Tim Gonsalves from Alpha Canada about a recent study on Gen-Z and evangelism in Canada.