MAID Expansion Action Kit 2023

Get our updated Action Kit to Halt Expansion of MAID to Include Mental Illness Alone below.

People with mental illness alone will likely become eligible for assisted dying beginning in March 2024. [NOTE: The original date was March 2023 but a bill that would delay the expansion of MAiD for mental illness until March 2024 is being debated in the House of Commons in Feb. 2023. Bill C-39 is expected to pass.] Many Canadians are seriously concerned about this change, including people with mental health concerns and those who love them

The EFC’s action kit has a sample letter to equip Canadians to ask MPs to stop plans to expand access to euthanasia. It also includes sample wording for a phonecall, background on how we got here, why people are concerned.

Click the button below to download the six-page pdf.

This kit replaces previous kits on MAiD expansion dated 18 July 2022, 18 Feb. 2021, 23 Nov. 2020 and 1 Sept. 2020.