Canadian Evangelical Family Faith Formation Study

17 July 2020
The Canadian Evangelical Family Faith Formation Study (CEFFFS) will investigate how Canadian evangelical parents and guardians understand their roles as disciple makers of their children. We will look at what helps or hinders parents or guardians in these roles and how best churches and ministries can support them.

The CEFFFS study is a research partnership between the following EFC affiliate organizations: Partnership Chair
  • John Friesen, Muskoka Bible Centre

Research Team

  • Rick Hiemstra, Director of Research, The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada
  • Lindsay Callaway, Researcher, The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada
  • Stéphane Couture, French Interviewer, Directeur régional du Québec, l’Alliance évangélique du Canada
  • Melody Bellefeuille-Frost, Transcription Assistant
  • Bethany Brown, French Transcription Assistant
  • Joel Murphy, Research Volunteer

Research Process

  1. Ministry Consultation (Completed October 2019)
  2. Partnership Formation (Completed June 2020)
  3. Literature Review (Completed November 2020)
  4. Ministry Expert Interviews (Completed April 2021)
  5. Parent Interviews (In process)
  6. National Surveys with Parents and Pastors
  7. Consultation on Research Findings 
  8. Dissemination of Findings

For more information about the CEFFFS please contact:

Rick Hiemstra, Lead Investigator
[email protected]
613-233-9868 x332