Pornography - Mainstream Pornography Too Accessible

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Today’s mainstream pornography depicts violent, abusive and degrading sexual activity. It is easily accessible and widely used. Viewing pornography can lead to compulsive behaviour and addiction. And it fuels other forms of sexual exploitation, such as prostitution and human trafficking.

Pornography promotes a distorted sexuality devoid of love, respect, genuine intimacy or self-giving. It teaches that people are products to be used and consumed and fosters sexual entitlement and selfishness.

Our human dignity flows from our creation in God’s image and His love for us. This compels us to respect and uphold each person’s inherent worth, and to not treat anyone as an object for our gratification.

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How Pornography Harms - What the Church Needs to Know

Booklet (revised in 2019) of articles and discussion questions can help you and your church better understand what is at stake with pornography. 

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