Letter of support on bill to replace child pornography wording (C-291)

06 September 2022
Dear Mr. Mel Arnold, MP,
Thank you for taking the initiative to introduce Bill C-291.
The words we use matter. The term “child pornography” is not just inaccurate, it’s harmful. Using the term “pornography” in the context of children infers that the child is a willing participant when in fact they are the victim of a horrific crime.
Sexually explicit images and videos depicting children cannot be considered “pornography” – they are child sexual exploitation, assault and abuse.
Words like “child pornography” risk normalizing, trivializing, and legitimizing the sexual abuse and exploitation of children. We must stop using terms that take the focus away from how the lives of countless vulnerable children are being destroyed.
We support Bill C-291 as it will bring more clarity to criminal laws related to child abuse and exploitation. We commend you for introducing Bill C-291.
Julia Beazley
Director, Public Policy
Centre for Faith and Public Life