Job opportunities

EFC ambassador, British Columbia

The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada is now accepting applications for a paid casual (part-time) position as EFC Ambassador in British Columbia. Ambassadors represent the EFC through public speaking, presentations and participation at gatherings such as ministerials.

A detailed job description follows. Please forward your resume to [email protected]. This posting will be open until a suitable candidate is chosen.

  • To build awareness with Canadian evangelicals about the ministry of The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, further informing them of the work of the EFC.
  • Stay informed of Canadian social issues and the EFC’s involvement.
  • Represent the EFC through speaking, presentations and event representation, which could include ministerials and network gatherings
  • During speaking engagements, share stories about EFC ministry activities and/or issues the EFC is currently involved in
  • During speaking engagements, encourage listeners about how they can financially and prayerfully support the EFC.
  • After each speaking engagement, be available to distribute resources, field questions and encourage financial support and/or affiliations
  • Create sermons/presentations that describe what the EFC does
  • Report on speaking engagements to the Director of Marketing, including feedback received from listeners
  • Manage support materials and resources.
  • Committed follower of Christ and agreement with the EFC Statement of Faith ( of Faith), Corporate Objects ( and code of conduct (available upon request)
  • Passionate about the mission of the EFC
  • Dynamic and engaging speaker; comfortable speaking to any size group
  • Can testify to how the EFC has impacted you or a church you have attended
  • Comfortable with encouraging listeners to contribute to the mission of the EFC.
Time Commitment
  • Time commitment for each engagement will vary, according to need
  • Adequate preparation time for each engagement that would ensure factual, dynamic and effective presentation
  • Able to commit to 10 - 12 speaking engagements in any one year
  • Timely and thorough communication with the EFC Speaker Co-ordinator and the local event host
  • Currently, there is no set time commitment for involvement in the speaker’s bureau. Banner and resources will be shipped to either your home or the location of the speaking engagement.

Every speaker will have the support of resources from the EFC through the Speaker Co-ordinator. The Co-ordinator will support the speakers by:
  • Gathering specific details about the event from the church or event pass it along to the speaker well in advance of the engagement
  • Relaying to church or event that the travel costs for the speaker are paid by the EFC and a freewill offering to the EFC is always appreciated
  • Sending speaker bio and description of the ministry or topic to the group requesting the speaker
  • Providing background information to the speaker to support their presentation
  • Sending a speaker’s agreement to the church weeks in advance to confirm what the church or event is expecting and what the EFC expects
  • Providing brochures or handouts on EFC ministries and/or mailing such materials to destination (when materials are available and desired). Note that speakers are expected to collect any leftover materials and banners for use at the next speaking engagement or event
  • Requesting permission for EFC brochures, envelopes or other materials to be made available at individual seats or distributed at the meeting
  • Providing speaker with an envelope to send by courier any cheques, sign ups or material requests to the Richmond Hill office in a timely manner
  • Contacting the host group for follow-up about the event, including sending them a feedback/evaluation form after the speaking engagement is over
  • Reimbursing speaker travel expenses related to the speaking engagement (e.g., mileage for vehicle; train fare). Reimbursement forms are available from the Speaker Co-ordinator.
  • If an honorarium is given to the speaker at the speaking engagement, it is to be made out to the EFC and submitted to the EFC. If however, for some reason the cheque got made out to the speaker, the speaker must then sign the back of the cheque and submit it to the EFC. An honorarium is never to be kept by the speaker
  • If the speaker receives donations at the event, the donations must be submitted to the EFC.
Reports to:
  • Director of Marketing
Benefits to the host group or church
  • Create a growing awareness about the ministries of the EFC, and the church’s response to God’s work
  • Inspire, move, and further engage congregants with the EFC.
  • Ultimately, the ministries and commitments of the church will benefit from any gifts received in response to speaking engagements.