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Be kind to your MP

Collaborating for the good of the Church and Canada; New EFC podcast series serves the Church and the academy; Join us in prayer. More

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Helping Canadians engage with politicians and public policy

Helping Canadians engage with politicians and public policy; Prayer ministry events; Introducing Dave Tod in Western Canada; more.

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Conscience work goes on as Parliament pauses

Conscience work goes on as Parliament pauses; Indigenous relations update; interview with David Hearn, chair of the EFC board

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At work helping to protect children from pornography

Helping to protect children from pornography; conscience protection for medical professionals; New EFC board chair; Praying with the EFC; more.

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EFC work on conscience protection

EFC work on conscience protection; Family Faith Formation Study; Indigenous-Settler Relations; Canada’s most immediate issues. More.

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The EFC seeks intervener status in medical student case

The EFC is seeking intervener status in the case of Rafael Zaki, who was suspended from med school because of his personal pro-life views on abortion.

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