About Dispatches

Brian Stiller has served as Global Ambassador for the World Evangelical Alliance for more than four years. He explains:

It began with a trip to Somalia. Protected by a warlord—five soldiers and a truck—they guarded me as I visited refuge camps, examining the safety and viability of Christian aid groups being able to get back into this lawless land. All the while they kept eye out for al-Shabaab, the terrorist group.

Then on to how many countries? Well, I haven’t counted, but I can say I've been to disaster areas in Japan, Nepal and South Sudan, to meetings with Christian leaders (Pope Francis, the World Council of Churches, the Global Christian Forum). Lily and I were in Egypt during the revolution, returning time and again to the Middle East. Ministering to Iraqi young people in Iraq.

As I visit I write perspectives for Dispatches and articles for newspapers and magazines.

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