November 26, 2019

26 November 2019

Alberta Bill on Conscience Protection Voted Down

Conscience rights for doctors continues to be a hot topic across Canada. In Alberta, a recent private member’s bill on the issue got a lot of attention. Bill 207 tried to secure conscience protection for health care providers so that they would not be compelled to participate in providing services against their deeply held beliefs. Those opposed argued it would reduce access to services such as abortion, contraception, euthanasia or medically assisted death in marginalized and rural communities, and the bill was voted down. The EFC had encouraged Albertans to support the bill and provided talking points and sample letters. Read more at

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More Nuance on “Love Is Love”

“Love is love” may be one of today’s most popular slogans, but, as Faith Today columnist John Stackhouse observes, love is much more nuanced than this slogan or any meme can convey. “To teach us about the large and complex subject of love…God wisely and carefully provided us a large and complex Bible, and the loving example of Jesus, rather than a meme or a bumper sticker.”

EFC Speakers Near You

Did you know the EFC has ambassadors based in many Canadian provinces? Your local EFC ambassador would be delighted to come speak at your church, conference or small group. Learn more about our ambassadors based in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada. If you're outside those places, contact us anyway to see what might be possible. 

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→ Council for Refugees Forum on Human Trafficking, Ottawa, Nov. 27
→ Missional Live: Rethinking Neighbourhood Evangelism, Barrie, Nov. 30
→ Faith in Action: Practising Biblical Advocacy, Orillia, Nov. 30
→ Christmas Market, Toronto, Nov. 30
→ First Sunday of Advent, Dec. 1
→ International Day for the Abolition of Slavery, Dec. 2
→ Hope in the City Breakfast, Vancouver, Dec. 4
→ EFC Speaker in Edmonton, Dec. 8
→ Canada Chinese Winter Conference, Edmonton, Dec. 27-31
→ P2C Plus Youth Conference, Toronto, Dec. 28-31

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