EFC Update Newsletter February 4, 2020

04 February 2020

The EFC Sponsors Today’s Teens Conference

Love Is Moving, the EFC’s youth initiative, is one of the sponsors of the 37th annual Today’s Teens Conference taking place February 22 in Oakville. At the conference the EFC’s Rick Hiemstra will be giving a couple of seminars on Renegotiating Faith. Today’s Teens is a leading youth ministry training gathering for youth pastors, volunteer ministry teams, community youth workers, parents and student leaders. This year’s focus is “There is hope” to reaching youth today! Register today and learn more about this conference at

New Podcast: The Power of Mentoring

In our latest podcast, Doug Ward shares insights from his new book Great Mentoring for Real Life Change. Ward, who co-authored the book with Sharon Simmonds, is an associate with the Arrow Leadership program and a veteran Baptist pastor in the Ottawa area. The podcast digs into the power of active listening, great questions and how churches can do mentoring better.

Canada Summer Jobs Applications Now Open

The 2020 Canada Summer Jobs application period is open now until February 24. The 2020 application is very similar to the 2019 program. Read an analysis by Deina Warren of the Canadian Council of Christian Charities (CCCC).

We’ll Help You Share Your Stories of Ministry

The EFC wants to help share your stories of ministry. Tag us on social media when you share news about community outreach and service (#EFCService #EFCCommunity) or email us directly at [email protected] so we can help get the word out. Tag us anytime at #TheEFC

Will Christianity Disappear from Canada?

Church attendance is falling across denominations in Canada, with a report predicting the Anglican church in Canada will no longer exist by 2040, while evangelical denominations also watch their attendance fall. Our columnist John Stackhouse suggests these gloomy statistics may be an inevitable consequence of Canada’s peace and prosperity, but he also asks, “Are we positioning ourselves so that, when life’s sharp edges eventually do cut through people’s cocoons of comfort, we are clearly standing ready to offer something else, something more?”

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Coming Events at

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→ Night with the Persecuted Church, Regina, Feb. 5; Brandon, Man., Feb. 6
→ Voice of the Martyrs Presents “Solitary Refinement,” Peterborough, Feb. 8; Lindsay, Feb. 9
→ Rencontre au Sommet 2020, Granby, Que., Feb. 3-5
→ CMU Scientist in Residence: Dr. Deborah Haarsma, Winnipeg, Feb. 3-5
→ Missionfest Manitoba, Winnipeg, Feb. 7-9
→ Canadian Youth Workers Conference, Abbotsford, Feb. 7-8
→ Rhythms of Life (Tyndale Spiritual Formation class), Toronto, Feb. 8
→ EFC Speaker in New Norway, Alta., Feb. 9
→ ReNew: Resourcing Pastors for Ministry, Winnipeg, Feb. 11-12
→ CCC Webinar: Demographic Change, Church Decline and Radical Hope, online, Feb. 11-12
→ Biblical Theology of Suffering and Hope Workshop, online/Calgary, Feb. 12
→ CCC Webinar: Demographic Change, Church Decline and Radical Hope, online, Feb. 12
→ Youth Quake, Caronport, Sask., Feb. 14-16
→ EFC Speaker in Edmonton, Alta, Feb. 16
→ The Psalms: Songs of Healing (Wycliffe College Preaching Day Conference), Toronto, Feb. 18
→ CCCA webinar: Communicating Around Climate Change, online, Feb. 19
→ Ambrose Pastors Conference: Discipleship in an Age of Distraction, online/Calgary, Feb. 19
→ Watching with Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding, Regina, Feb. 20-21
→ A Morning with Heather Card, Burlington, Feb. 21
→ Missions Fest Alberta 2020, Edmonton, Feb. 21-23
→ Christian Veterinary Professionals Weekend, Sundre, Alta., Feb. 21-23
→ Today’s Teens Conference (includes the EFC's Rick Hiemstra), Oakville, Ont., Feb. 22
→ Plunging the Depths of Spiritual Renewal Workshop, online/Calgary, Feb. 22
→ EFC Speaker in Calgary, Feb. 23
→ Night with the Persecuted Church, Edmonton, Feb. 24
→ Interchurch Families: Uniting the Church through Love, Guelph, Feb. 27

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