EFC Update Newsletter September 15, 2020

15 September 2020

The Persecuted Church: An Interview with Gary Stagg of Open Doors

Gary Stagg is executive director of Open Doors Canada, an organization that serves persecuted Christians in the world’s most restrictive countries. He spoke to Faith Today’s Karen Stiller about what it means to be persecuted and what it means to be one Church. 

You can also hear Karen Stiller interview Gary Stagg in our podcast version of this interview. The EFC Podcast has changed its name! We're now called the Faith Today Podcast, but we're still sharing the same great content.

A Key Time to Act on Euthanasia Expansion

A bill to expand euthanasia is likely to be one of the first introduced and passed in Parliament this fall. An earlier bill to change Canada’s euthanasia law (Bill C-7) died when Parliament was prorogued in August. The new bill will be moved quickly through Parliament. It only takes a few minutes to contact your MP, but it has a big impact. See the EFC’s new blog and action kit of helpful resources. Your efforts help to uphold life and protect vulnerable Canadians.

Introducing the Peace & Reconciliation Network 

The Peace & Reconciliation Network is an initiative of the World Evangelical Alliance, to which the EFC belongs. Watch this three-minute video to see Phil Wagler introduce the Peace & Reconciliation Network Canada. Wagler is its North American network coordinator as well as pastor of Kelowna Gospel Fellowship. Find more from the network at Faith Today’s new twice-monthly blog series offering inspiration and equipping related to peace and reconciliation.

Coming Events at

→ Into the Neighbourhood: Practising Hospitality, Presence and Mutuality (Forge), online Sept. 15, 22
→ Foundations of Servant Leadership, (Tyndale), online 10 Tuesdays starting Sept. 15
→ How to Study Old Testament History (Precept Ministries), online Sept. 16
→ Ending Poverty Together (Feed the Hungry), online Sept. 17
→ Conflict Management and Transformation (Tyndale), online 10 Thursdays starting Sept. 17
→ Canadian International Faith & Family Film Festival, online, Sept. 18-19
→ The Everyday Women’s 2020 Conference, online, Sept. 18-20
→ Human Sexuality and Christian Ethics Discussion Series, online, Sept. 21
→ Wilma Derksen's experiment in forgiveness, webinar (CCCA), Sept. 24
→ How to Study Old Testament Prophecy (Precept Ministries), online Sept. 30
→ Church Conflict/Social Ethics in a Borderlands Community (Acadia), online, Sept. 30
→ Apologia: La défense de l’évangile, Oct. 3
→ Christian Schools Canada Leadership Conference 2020, online Oct. 8
→ Preaching OT wisdom literature (Heritage C&S): Ray Ortlund, online, Oct. 8
→ Watercooler Break for Communications Workers, online, Oct. 9

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Pandemic a Great Time for Learning? 

Online course registrations are now open for many seminaries and Christian postsecondary institutions. Several are listed at Be sure to check the website of your preferred institution for more opportunities. Or visit to search a database of Canadian Christian online courses.

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