March 26, 2019

26 March 2019

EFC and NAE Staff Summit Today

Today executive staff from the National Alliance of Evangelicals and EFC staff are meeting in Ottawa for a semi-annual summit in which they share information and insights on what is happening in American and Canadian evangelical contexts. The National Alliance of Evangelicals is the counterpart to the EFC in the United States. Please pray for the strategic conversations we will be having with our American friends and colleagues.

The EFC’s Rick Hiemstra in Newfoundland and Eastern Ontario

Rick Hiemstra, the EFC’s director of research and media relations, is a keynote speaker this weekend at the Imagine Conference in Gander, NL. He will share findings from the Renegotiating Faith report and will also discuss Competition for Character Education and Gnosticism in workshops. Next weekend Rick will speak on Renegotiating Faith at the Met in Ottawa. He will also speak at a ministerial in Athens, ON.

National Interfaith Conference Coming in April

On April 28-30, 2019, the fourth “Our Whole Society” conference will take place in Toronto. OWS is a series of national conferences organized in recent years by the Canadian Interfaith Conversation, of which the EFC is a founding member. These conferences aims to foster a new dialogue about the changing role of religion in a pluralistic Canadian society. The upcoming conference will explore three themes: Rethinking Identity; Addressing Extremism and Polarization; and Technology, Values and Society. Besides panel discussions, there will be keynote presentations by Dr. Solange Lefebvre (Research Chair in Religion, Culture, and Society at the University of Montreal), the Hon. Bob Rae (former premier of Ontario, Canada’s special envoy to Myanmar, senior fellow at the Raoul Wallenberg Centre for Human Rights) and Dr. Michael Ruse (professor emeritus at the University of Guelph, professor of philosophy at Florida State University). Their website is currently accepting registrations.

Support Freedom of Conscience Bill

Private member’s Bill C-418 will be up for debate in the House of Commons soon. This bill would protect health care workers from being compelled to participate in Medical Assistance in Dying. Let your MP know that freedom of conscience is important to you and ask your MP to support Bill C-418. See a sample letter and the EFC’s letter of support at

EFC Job Opportunity in British Columbia

The EFC is now accepting applications for a paid casual (part-time) position as EFC Ambassador in British Columbia. Ambassadors represent the EFC through public speaking, presentations and participation at gatherings such as ministerials. See detailed job description and how to apply at

Explaining Christian Jargon

"Jesus is here, right now, ready to welcome you home.” You may have heard a similar statement at church or another gathering. But how can Christians connect with a physically absent Jesus who has already ascended to heaven? In his latest Faith Today column, John Stackhouse reminds us of the mediating role of the Holy Spirit.

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Anti-trafficking Ministry in Ethiopia Points to Book of Ruth

To reduce human trafficking in Ethiopia, a Canadian-supported ministry educates the public using the story of Naomi in the Bible, according to a report from Samaritan’s Purse Canada. Samaritan’s Purse is one of dozens of EFC affiliate organizations. Do you know an EFC affiliate ministry with a story to share? Feel free to contact us about it so we can share it too on our website.

Coming Events at 

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→ City Movement “Insights to Impact” Conferences, Brampton, Mar. 27; Burlington, Mar. 28; Kelowna, Apr 2; Vancouver, Apr. 3; Langley, Apr. 4; Moncton, Apr. 9; Halifax, Apr. 10; St. John’s, Apr. 11
→ Seminary & Theological Grad School Virtual Fair, online, Mar. 28
→ Worship Central Conference, Vancouver, Mar. 29-30
→ Imagine, Next Gen Leadership Conference, Gander, Mar. 29-31
→ Jesus to the Nations, Halifax, Mar. 29-31
→ Spiritual Maturity and Aging, Markham, Mar. 30
→ Infuse Your Church Conference 2019, Mar. 30
→ Promise Keepers Men’s Conference “Disruptive”, Regina, Mar. 30; La Salle, Ont., Apr. 6
→ EFC Speaker in Red Deer, Alberta, Mar. 31
→ Emerging Adulthood: EFC Researcher in Ottawa, Apr. 5; Athens, Apr. 6
→ Blown Away Children and Family Ministry Leadership Conference, Burlington, Apr. 5-6
→ Ottawa Christian Writers’ Fellowship conference, Apr. 6
→ Iron Sharpens Iron Men’s Equipping Conference, Coquitlam, Apr. 6
→ Presbyterian Renewal Day Conference, Scarborough, Apr. 6
→ Women’s Ministries Institute Introduction Day, Cambridge, Apr. 6
→ Abbotsford Prayer Breakfast, Apr. 10
→ Unstoppable: Advance through Adversity, Women Together webinar, Apr. 10
→ The Nones: An Evolving Story of Secularity in Canada, Hamilton, Apr. 12

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